Comparison: Winawood vs Traditional Wooden Garden Furniture

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Before 2014, not many had heard of the name Winawood™. For those that are still unfamiliar, it is a synthetic material that is designed to look and feel like wood, but does not degrade when exposed to the elements.
Obviously it isn't the first type of garden furniture to withstand all weathers, there is Wicker or Rattan furniture (as mentioned in Ebays guide), which is perfect in this situation also.
However, many gardeners surveyed in a recent study mentioned that the harsh colours of rattan furniture did not match their country style of garden, whereas a wooden bench would fit much more appropriately.
A spokesperson from the online retailer " Gardencentreshopping", described an upward trend towards rattan garden furniture alternatives.
"We have definitely noticed a trend of people who aren't interested in rattan furniture in the dark black, or brown colours. They now tend to prefer the lighter, more golden coloured rattan. There is also a trend towards Winawood™ as opposed to the traditional hardwood bench, mainly due to the fact that it requires far less maintenance than real wood."
For indoor use, wooden furniture is actually on the increase, with sales up for companies like Ikea across the board. Ebays own listings for wooden furniture have increased 10% over the last 6 months, and will potentially increase further in the run up to Christmas.
The real comparison then, is to decide which type of furniture will match the theme of your own garden.
If you have a more traditional country flower garden, and would like a seating area to match that, then a wooden bench would be best, or a Winawood™ for a maintenance free alternative.
However if you have a modern looking patio garden, with black and white colours, then rattan furniture would fit in perfectly there. You could also consider wrought iron furniture as a stylish alternative.
Which ever type you choose, it is best to avoid the cheaper alternatives, as they will most likely be made of inferior materials, which will degrade much faster over time, and be a poor investment overall.
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You can also find assembly instructions for Winawood™ furniture, at buildwinawood[.]co[.]uk

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