Complete Guide to Buying Leather Gloves

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Complete Guide to Buying Leather Gloves

The perfect pair of leather gloves is stylish, durable, and warm. You can find a wide range of men's leather gloves and women's leather gloves on eBay. Before buying these accessories, know what types of gloves are available, understand what factors to consider when choosing gloves, and learn how to evaluate the gloves available.


Types of Leather Gloves

The function, style, and material of leather gloves determine their type. Work gloves consist of thick leather that protects the hands. Casual or formal gloves consist of thinner, suppler leather for improved comfort. Fingerless leather gloves allow greater freedom of movement than standard gloves do. Leather driving gloves provide added grip while you drive, and they usually feature buckles or other fasteners for improved fit. Kidskin or lambskin gloves are supple, warm, and elegant, making them ideal for formal wear. Suede gloves are soft and stylish, but are not resistant to moisture.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Leather Gloves

Climate and weather conditions dictate the level of insulation you require from leather gloves. In rainy, windy conditions, consider lined leather gloves for added warmth. Choose natural materials for lining, such as wool or cashmere, for improved breathability. The rigidity of the leather affects your dexterity while you are wearing the gloves, so opt for soft leather if dexterity is important. Choose leather gloves with a water-resistant finish to prevent spots and discolouration. Finally, pick a suitable colour. Neutral colours, such as black, grey, and brown, are always fashionable. However, you can match bright colours, such as red or pink, to your coat and other accessories for a polished look.


How to Evaluate Leather Gloves

With leather gloves, fit is crucial. Gloves that are too small are uncomfortable, and gloves that are too big do not create optimum warmth. Quality stitching is also important in leather gloves; it improves durability, ensures that the gloves maintain their shape, and improves fit. The seams should be tight and firm, and double stitching is preferable to single stitching. The stitching should not be coarse on the inside of the gloves, as this can irritate the skin and become uncomfortable. Note the position of the tag. A tag at the inside of the wrist can scratch and irritate the skin. Although tags on the outside detract from the beauty of the gloves, you can easily cut these off. Ideally, opt for leather gloves without tags.

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