Complete Guide to Don Pottery

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Complete Guide to Don Pottery

Nothing turns a simple meal into an extravagant feast like the inclusion of beautiful dinnerware. Don Pottery allows hosts and hostesses to improve their table's aesthetics with a number of beautiful, high-quality pottery choices. If you are considering expanding your pottery collection, Don Pottery offers a wide selection of pieces.


What is Don Pottery?

Don Pottery was a British porcelain manufacturer established in the early 19th century that was originally focused on making earthenware. Many of these early pieces are still available for purchase today. The company then began to export high-quality porcelain pieces worldwide. These porcelain pieces enjoy a variety of colours and themes.


Choosing a Don Pottery Series

Don Pottery has a variety of distinct series that can fit various home decors and personal tastes. If you prefer simple pieces, the pottery's earlier cream-coloured earthenware is a solid and understated choice. For something more decorative, consider the pottery's well-known Italian Views series. This collection of blue and white porcelain features intricate reproductions of scenes from the Italian countryside. If your dining room abounds with flowers, consider looking into the Don Pottery Floral Bouquets series. These colourful plates depict lifelike blooms in reds, whites, and pinks.


Finding Quality Don Pottery Pieces

The Don Pottery factory closed in 1893, so all pieces from this manufacturer are antiques. As such, it is important to consider the condition of any piece you wish to add to your home. When shopping for porcelain plates and cups, be mindful of any chips, cracks, and scratches. These imperfections may be easily apparent, but they may also require great scrutiny to find. Generally speaking, shallow chips and hairline scratches are not enough to compromise the structural integrity of the piece. Some shoppers may prefer the personality these slight imperfections add to a piece of pottery, but it is still important to understand a piece's condition before making a purchase.


Beginning or Expanding a Don Pottery Collection

If you are just beginning to build a Don Pottery collection, you may wish to purchase a bundle that contains several pieces from a given series. This gives you enough plates, bowls, or cups to use for entertaining. On the other hand, you may have inherited an incomplete set from a friend or family member. In this case, look into individual pieces to complete or extend your collection.

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