Complete Tactical Vest Buying Guide

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Complete Tactical Vest Buying Guide

For the man or woman who enjoys outdoor camping, fishing, or hiking through the woods, a tactical vest is often a good solution to the question of where to put the necessities without having to carry a backpack. Tactical vests can be either high or low visibility and contain many pockets to carry maps, water, food supplies, and emergency equipment. Roomy and comfortable tactical vests ensure hands free hiking and fishing.


When and Where to Wear a Tactical Vest

For the woodsman, nature photo journalist, or deep woods hiker, a tactical vest along with a full tactical kit can make the difference between comfort and becoming lost. With pockets for all the supplies needed, having water, emergency rations, and a locater can keep wearers stay safe if separated from companions or immediate assistance. For voluntary first responders and rescue teams, members often need a high visibility tactical vest as part of the gear that they supply themselves. Kitting out carefully and responsibly could require the addition of tactical clothing.


Game Play

Tactical vests are great for the game player who gets together with friends in the outdoors with laser tag, paintball, or Nerf guns, as a tactical vest has plenty of room for all the paintballs and accessories you need. A tactical vest, tactical boots, and gloves protect the body from injury when running around trees and other obstacles. With the extra warmth provided, you can be comfortable no matter what the weather conditions. Adding a tactical pen to your game play kit is a way to extradite yourself in an emergency with its sharp point.



When camping, tactical vests can be a brilliant idea for the entire family. For the pack-in camper where space is at a premium, a tactical vest affords room for items that would otherwise go in a backpack. This allows for easier hiking and access to water, nutrition, radios, MP3 players, or any other little necessities better kept quickly to hand. When overseas where there may be animals that can be less than friendly, having a flashlight to hand is important.


Styles and Features

Tactical vests can be desert, jungle, or forest camouflage, but also are available in neutral colours or high visibility yellow, green, or orange. Choosing a style is dependent on where you intend to wear the vest most often. Fabrics are often lined for warmth or can be moisture wicking and cool for areas of high heat, humidity, or desert conditions. Pockets can be zipped or hook and loop for easy access and are often mesh for visibility of contents. Although called vests, there are some available that include sleeves that are permanent or that you can remove. Often featuring removable linings, tactical vests are a versatile and useful part of the outdoor kit. You can also wear a tactical vest in conjunction with a tactical jacket or shorts.

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