Computers: A guide to buying a pre-built tower

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Computers on Ebay. A guide to buying your computer

There seems to be a lot of sellers on Ebay selling desktop PC towers that they have built themselves, which are an absolute bargain if what you need is a quick and easy solution to work-around the major online sellers like D**L and P* W***D. Why not buy off a guy selling desktops that he builds himself, then sells for a small profit on Ebay?

Most of the time this is perfectly acceptable, but more and more often there seems to be the same problem cropping up. Home computer builders selling desktop PCs with one very cheap component amongst the others.

An example of this would be to put a top quality processor like an Intel i5, a nice Asus motherboard together in a very nice case alongside a large Hard drive and sticking some other cheaper components into the case for maximum profit. Usually its the memory that takes this hit, with the seller using very cheap memory modules and an even cheaper power supply.

You may be paying for what you think is a top quality system at a bargain, but it could be that you are buying a system that sounds good which will never have the same quality assurances as you would get from a retailer.

Buying a PC off Ebay must be a thorough decision and from a seller that is TRUSTED (some good feedback from others).

Building your own PC is not a hard job, and anyone with basic technical knowledge can find many online guides on how to do so.

This guide is intended to stop sellers from misleading customers on PC purchases and is not intended to damage Ebay trade of this nature.
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