Concerning frauds with FAKE audioplayers.

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Hi there!

It seems to me that there are loads of fake audioplayers being sold on Ebay. Well it's not like they send you nothing, but they send you hacked versions of the player.
-E.g. you buy an audioplayer that is listed for lets say 16GB. Often in reality you will rarely get more than 4GB actual size.

When connected to the computer the PC will read the " 16GB", but when you put files in excess of 4GB on it, it will corrupt all the files. Rendering the files useless. There are ways to check if your audioplayer was hacked (please google it), also the quality of the device is greatly reduced with life expectancy rarely exceeding 4 months.

In the last year i have bought at least 4, maybe 5, different audioplayers for a very cheap sum of money. And all turned out to be frauds!

I am sincerely worried that Ebay seems to be lacking in rounding up this fraud,
simply because the work of getting your money back is very frustrating...

I would very much like to see change on this subject in the future.

And be carefull what you buy (Always use PayPal if you want to be gauranteed money back)
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