Concerns about the european Wii

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I am very disappointed with my experience as a seller on ebay. I feel that the BIG sellers have everything to win because of their feedback and got in here earlier that others and they seem to forget that they started with 0 positive feedbacks sometime ago. Being practically accused by other people here saying that the the imports are inferior somehow, that you have to be careful with no stock, that this is genuine UK and the others are cheap imports.. bla bla bla. For all those people and to whom might be interested, here are the differences and the real drawbacks of the "cheap import":

The plug is 2 pin instead of 3 so you need a travel adaptor like you use when you go on holiday, 1 pound at the shops
Some countries dont have english manuals

Nothing else.
Full stop.

They use the same current/voltage, are the same size as the UK ones, play on UK tvs, they play games purchased in the UK and they even smell the same. And dont worry they wont electrocute you like some big seller says in his presentation of his "genuine UK model", to him I can say that my nephews have been playing with the one I sent them  last christmas and thankfully they are still alive and it will remain so, as long as they dont play with it whilst taking a bath.

So now I have question. I have a stock of 8 Wii's. I show a picture of them in my add. My Wii's have been bought in Spain and I have been to a printers to get the official Nintendos manuals in English done and on top of that I send with it a CD with those manuals, they are shipped fully insured and tracked. Im an english seller living in Spain so language isnt a problem, I ship them with the original receipt which gives the full Nintendo warranty in the UK without any hassles just as if it was bought in the UK, I use Paypal to get paid so the funds are safe but the problem is that I have just started selling on ebay so my feedback is low ie 0. Total cost of these consoles put at your door is 260 pounds... instead of the 300 pounds people above and below my listing are getting for their sometimes even identical machines....... but but because they are imports and god forbid from a seller with no feedback in Spain they are like leprosy, infected, stay away radioactive. I understand that everyone wants to sell theirs instead of you selling yours but the fear that the big ones put on the customers is sufficient to make them run a mile away and I dont think its fair. Customers are of course free to do what they want with their money BUT other big sellers should not make derogatory comments of the product that us small ones are selling simply to get theirs sold. I have only sold one and whenthe customer gets it the feedback will be there and it will be good and then maybe...? But the frustations of having put in adds after adds at a very good price and people just ignoring them is driving me up a tree. If anybody reads this and thinks the same way I do please vote.
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