Concert Tickets - How to buy safely on eBay

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It can be a worrying process buying tickets from an unknown source. It could be from an individual who sells as a part time venture, or an established ticket re-sale agency.

In all cases, follow some simple guidelines.

Read the listing slowly and carefully. Then read it again.

Bid wisely…set yourself a limit, and stick to it. But remember, good tickets are worth the extra for a memorable night.

Tickets are like any other traded commodity... prices can be very high for an in-demand event. You could spend forever scanning endless listings.... if you find one that seems right, concentrate on that one.

Are the seats together, or is somebody selling you two tickets in different locations?

If it is going to be a large sum of money, ask the seller a question about the seats before bidding. Gauge their response…if they are slow or non-responsive, just think how bad they’ll be once they have your money.

Have they described the item well, or could they only be bothered to give minimal information? Should give you a feel for how serious they are.

Check their feedback. If there are some negatives, don’t be put off…it’s as important to look at the comments from satisfied people.

If you win, pay promptly, and request e-mail confirmation of the precise block, row, and seat numbers.

If it is going to be many months until the tickets arrive, ask the seller to give you occasional status updates. It will give you peace of mind that you haven’t been forgotten!

If you were happy with the service and communication, leave your seller Positive Feedback. If not, try contacting them first to resolve.

Enjoy the process. Most people are genuine!

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