Concert Tickets - ''Meet me on the day'' SCAM

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Hi, Just want to sare an unfortunate experience i've recently had at a Razorlight concert in Sheffield.

I was short of two tickets for the gig and so searched eBay for a couple of tickets. I phoned the number on an ad and the guy said we would meet at the gig to pay and collect the tickets. Seemed fair enough as no money was exchanged until the goods recieved - seemed very genuine!

On route i called him and he said that there was a minor problem and his car had broken down but not to worry as the RAC would be turning up soon.

At the gig i called again to check progress. He again said there was steam coming out of the car and the RAC hadn't yet turned up. There was plenty of time so he said not to panic. By this time two of my friends are in Sheffield without tickets.

Not wanting to take chances we enquired with several touts thinking this may be our only option. Prices came back at £60/£70, quite a bit more than the £40 per ticket we were expecting to pay.

After speaking to one tout he wandered off and i could vaguely overhear his telephone conversation which was along the lines of 'Sorry mate, still at the side of the motorway - they'll be here soon'. He clearly wasn't as we were stood right behind him.

I decided at this point i would call him again, and sure enough his phone rang! I asked how his car was and when he said he still waiting for the RAC i mentioned that he looked fine from where i was standing! I told him i was stood behind him and at this point he realised he'd been rumbled. With 8 angry lads waiting to get into the gig he had no choice but to sell us a ticket £10 more than what we'd agree to pay. At the end of the day he had us by the balls.

I don't suppose this is a one off type of scam so its probably worth getting your tickets quite a bit in advance and not leave it to the last minute.

And don't ever buy tickets from eBay member michellen1968 .

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