Confused? Which TV Brackets For LCD/Plasma Do I Use?

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Confused? Which TV Brackets For LCD/Plasma Do I Use?  The answer to the question is here!

Its very confusing when you see so many TV brackets listed on eBay for LCD and Plasma television, so we have developed a simple guide for you!

TOP TIP: Avoid items listing more than one make of TV in their listing, titles such as eg:  Samsung LG Sony LCD WALL BRACKET TV 23 26 27 28 30 32  this is just quess work by the seller - they throw-in keywords in order to increase sales - you will find that the product is likely to be incorrect for your TV as most makes of LCD and Plasma use different size VESA mountings and some TV less wide than others making the mount too large for your TV. Mounts should be bought unique to TV for guaranteed compatibilty - look out for money back guarantees as this will give you confidence to purchase the product is is most likely to be correct in the first place - saves time, money and hassle of returns - naturally Our listings are unique to TV make for full confidence when purchasing.   

First, a guide to help you find a good quality, correct product.

Top 5 things to look out for when buying a TV bracket:

1) The price - it really does not pay on the long run to by the cheapest possible TV bracket you can find as quality is important when you have spent so much money on the new TV, why spend so little on the product holding your TV screen on the wall?  There are badly made products out there so ask yourself why the product is so cheap before going ahead and purchasing.

2) The size - always look out for the physical size of the bracket as many sellers mention the size of TV it will hold but will not be sure if the bracket is physically to large for your TV, as youdont want the bracket showing either side of you screen now do you?

3) The distance from the wall - If you are looking for a flat mounted TV bracket and you want it to sit as close as possible then be carefull as some brackets sit the TV up to 5" from the wall, you can purchase slim brackets which sit only 1" from the wall so always check the item description carefully.

4) The weight capibilties - its a good idea to check the weight of your TV screen (without table top stand) before purchasing a TV wall bracket as some brackets will only hold small weights - again this can reflect the quality of TV bracket.

5) VESA standard - You will see this mentioned on most adverts, its basicly the industry standard for save mounting of flat TV screens - dont worry your TV will be VESA standard as most are, in fact around 99%. Its good to know the VESA standard, but not essentail, VESA standard, which is the hole pattern for fixing a bracket to the TV screen is normally (in most cases, measurements are in mm) 100x100 for screens 14"-22", 100x200 or 200x400 for screens 23"-32" and 600x400, 800x400 for large screens 37"-60". Knowing the VESA standard size before purchasing is an advantage as you can chose a TV bracket which is a perfect size for your TV without buying to large which in turn should save you money, however good sellers will sell you the correct bracket in first place so to know this its not an essentail requirement.

The main 3 types of wall brackets are:

Flat slim wall mount - flat very close (around 1") to the wall with no movement.

Tilting wall mount - slightly further away (around 2 1/2") from the wall allowing tilt movement up and down to enhance viewing angle and to avoid glare from lighting.

Cantilever wall mount - alowing swivel and tilt/turn movement - pulls out from the wall - perfect for mounting directly into a corner of the room.  


See these brackets and more - click here - TV brackets for mounting plasma and LCD TV can be purchased, all types supplied, avalible in black & silver finish.


Heres an easy way to find the correct bracket for your LCD or Plasma TV, don t worry we have 3 years experience so you can trust us to provide you with the correct mount your TV - any model, any make! We only supply quality products and ALL at amazing prices!

TV Bracket For 14 - 22 Inch LCD / TV Bracket For 23 - 32 Inch LCD Plasma / TV Bracket For 37 - 60 Inch LCD Plasma


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