Confused with international sizing?

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If you are buying something which just has a UK size or a US or a Europe, how do you know it will fit?  Well firstly I would ignore the size the manufacturer has on the label as they all vary tremendously (see other guides)

Email the seller and ask for   measurements and if the seller is unwilling to provide them then I would sincerely suggest you shop else where as their customer care skills are sadly lacking.

However, if you are determined to purchase something (and can't get measurements) there is a sizing guide which might help - this is only approximate

UK08 is a US 6 and an EU36
UK10 is a US 8 and an EU38
UK12 is a US 10 &   an EU40
UK14 is a US 12 &   an EU42
UK16 is a US 14 &   an EU44
UK18 is a US 16 &   an EU46
UK20 is a US 18 &   an Eu48

and so on, please see my other Guides if you want to know how to Size Ted Baker and Bench, Per Una and others

Hope this helps

Kindest wishes
Suz xx
Ps -Please vote to let me know if you find these interesting - so I know if I should add more! Ta

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