Connect your Xbox or 360 to xbox live through your PC

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If your like me then you hate paying for information that you can find in a simple search on google.

Well this happened to me on the xbox 360 saga about connecting your xbox/360 to the net without the use of the wireless networking adaptor.

People are paying anywhere in the region of £1.00 to £9.00 to get this information which you can find just as easily as typing "xbox 360 connect net laptop" into google, plus the info from google was BETTER than the info I had paid for. Well thats just lazyness on my behalf.

So to stop anyone lese being conned out of their hard earned cash I have decided to post the information (which is free by the way) here.


  • Xbox OR Xbox 360
  • PC or Wireless laptop
  • Wireless router

  • 1 LAN RJ45 Ethernet cable (Crossover cable)



  1. Turn on Laptop/PC
  2. Connect Ethernet cable to back of Xbox/360 and to the ethernet port of your Pc/Laptop
  3. On the PC/Laptop Click on start -> Control Pannel -> Network Connections
  4. Double click on the Wireless connection 
  5. Click on the Advanced Tab
  6. Put a tick in the box that says "Allow others to connect to the internet through this PC"
  7. Start up the xbox/360 and setup Xbox Live

That is a very basic run through, many systems will vary in that some Pc's dont allow connection sharing so if you get stuck simply google the problem and there are litterally hundreds of forum entries on this subject.

See you on the battlefield :)


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