Connecting Your XBox 360 to XBox live using your laptop

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Like most people I don't agree with paying for information from EBayers.

Also I dislike paying  for adaptors that manufacturers charge a fortune for and then sell for even more on EBay!!!

I wanted to connect my XBox to Live! using my wireless laptop and had heard that this was possible. I searched EBay and low and behold there are people out there selling the info, anything from a quid to a tenner!! Thinking, yeah that'll save me a few quid but I bet the info is out there some where. Quick search on google and, hey-ho, there it was!! Just type into google search " connect xbox 360 to internet using wireless laptop" (or similair!)

Up pops an abundance of links and sites that provide the info for free!!

Go to and search "xbox" and a step by step guide is given and works perfectly!! It allows you to connect, join, update, download content perfectly and play on-line!!

Hope that helps anyone who reads this and it'll save you a few quid!!



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