Connecting to a BT Home Hub

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Connecting to BT Home Hub

Plug in the power lead, the lights will flash, then settle down, one green light for wireless will stay on.

If you’re connecting from a device that has WI-FI built in then, read your manual on how to connect to a wireless Hub, Router, Internet etc.

OK the tech stuff…

You should see a device available “BTHomeHub-AFD3” you will need the Encryption Key, as the hub has built in WEP security, the key is actually displayed on the back of the hub, take a look and you will see it. The key is D1509A1D53 when you try to connect it will ask you for this key, type it in and hit connect.  This will take a few seconds to connect, but you will see an icon or some indication that you are connected.

I suggest you connect via a laptop with built-in wireless network card. I don’t know what software you’re running, but if you have Microsoft internet explorer, or web browser, start it up, in the address panel type BThomeHub.home or this will take you to the home page of the hub, you will need the password ADMIN to change any of the settings inside your hub.

Good Luck, if your not pc savvy, ask a friend that is to help you!

PS If the default settings have been changed see my guide IPCONFIG

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