Conned out of your savings??

Like if this guide is helpful

I like others have become increasingly annoyed at the scams of "Geniune Gibson and Fender" guitar from China.


Ask yourself - can you buy a handmade Gibson that sells at £1000+ for 99 pence.  Er.... no

is the mail from China £180 ... er NO

can you buy the same rubbish from a guitar shop (without the Gibson name) for £60, probably.

So, anyone who buys is a sucker, or worse is spreading more forgeries in the UK.

The principle is very very simple, yet people fall for cons again and again.

Whos fault is that - its your fault dummy. You let your greed overcome your brains.

These ads wont stop, but really its so easy to spot a scam.


If you cant afford to lose the money - dont take risks with it. 

Bear in mind that the FEAR close is very common "time limited deal"  "dont miss this deal which wont be repeated" etc etc.

Here is an easy way to get rich and avoid scams. When you are about to spend money. ... stop and decide to leave it until next week (or at least until tomorrow). The next week try and defer it again.

If after a few weeks you still desperately need to spend the money - go ahead. 


Ebay is for play money that you can afford to lose !!!!!  Not for your life savings.

Oh and if you are broke and saving for Xmas buy savings stamp from one of the big supermarkets - dont be an idiot and give your money to that multi millionaire scam hamper merchant who lives onthe hill - too late?? Oh dear.

Not trying to be glib, but come on - how stupid do you have to be to be suckered??

Learn to say NO.  Its so easy.....

Yes, I have lost money here and there over the years. Its easy to be fooled. But generally a bit of forethought can save a lot.

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