Conserve & Extend Android & iOS Tablet PC/Mobile Battery Life

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Android Specific
If you have a tablet pc that you have purchased from eBay or similar sites, you probably have been trumped by the poor battery life. Tablets are becoming notorious for rapidly discharging and there are several reasons for this. If you thought buying a tablet with a massive battery will help, you may be wrong if the processor's performance is very poor. There aren't many solutions to conserving battery life, whatever we could find we listed.
With Android, to shut down an app when you are done using it, is not as straight forward as you would think. You will have to press the "return" and then navigate to the "Settings" menu and go to's a tedious process that not everyone wants to do or knows how to do. So what happens is that you get a whole bunch of applications running in the background that are using up battery life. Solution? app killer!
An app killer is an app that will display all the apps that are currently running and it displays an option to kill the app, in other words close it. App killer apps don't normally come pre-installed on most devices, so you will have to download and install one. Once installed you can access it from your device app menu,  place a short cut on your desktop and depending on the app killer you use, you may find a short cut on the top of your screen where time and WiFi status is displayed.

Newer versions of Android now have a task manager for easy access to apps running in the background. Depending on your device, i f you press and hold the main button it should bring up a menu of apps that are running. Identify the ones you don't need and press your finger on it until an option comes up to remove it from the list, remove it if you wish.

If you have not bought a tablet yet, try and buy one that has a good processor. A good processor will ensure the device uses power very efficiently. Cheap tablets have basic processors and very low battery capacity, so do extra research before buying.

Android & iOS
An app that may help is a battery widget. Install the app as normal and place the battery widget on your desktop so you can easily navigate to it. Depending on the widget you can view battery life as a percentage or a graphical representation.
A few other ways to preserve energy:
  • Dim the screen brightness which will use less power but make sure that it is comfortable on the eyes
  • Turn off WiFi if you are using an app where internet connection is not needed. I've noticed first hand that when WiFi is turned off on a Galaxy S4 the battery will last for quite a while, once turned on, the battery life drastically diminishes
  • Turn off bluetooth or any other non-essential app
  • If your device has a vibrate feature, turn it off
  • Check your settings to reduce the time it takes for your screen to turn off if there is no user activity
  • Remove unnecessary home screen widgets/icons
  • Avoid using  "Live Wallpapers"

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