Consider what you DO and DONT BUY

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What you should never buy on Ebay or you can end up being prosecuted ..

1, Dont buy Medication

2, Dont buy Herbal tobacco's or drinks.

3,Dont buy photographs if there is many showing children

4,Dont buy foreign porn

5,Dont buy anything relating to Prisoners of war

6,Dont buy so called Extremely Rare badges etc if seller shows more than two on their lists.

7, Dont buy  Car spares or parts.. as many are from Asian copies. and a danger to your life.

8, Remember that item you buy that can be placed in your mouth could have last belonged to an person with a desease

9,Dont buy second hand used shoes or boots maybe owner had feet problems.

10,Check all secondhand clothes bought, will be nothing worse than lice infestation

11.Dont buy foodstuffs it maybe well out of date or contaminated

12, Remember when buying Eastern European goods they had and was nearer Chernobyl than you were.Not everyone has a Gieger counter

13.Dont buy any Knighthoods they are generally unknown and not worth paper written on.

14, Dont buy parts of land in Scotland or Ireland  etc as its generally 3ft square of bogland,many have been caught out with this.

15, Dont buy Mexican Divorce as not legal anywhere except Mexico

16, Dont do bank transfers on Ebay ,,last thing you want is to give out your bank account details to have someone promise to have cash paid into it, more chance they will empty your account.

17,When buying Medals on Ebay dont buy copies and pay full real price,,80% of medals and badges on Ebay are copies.

18. Watch out for items which state gold or silver  in first part of description and then somewhere else states that its coloured gold or silver, you cant get cash back if you dont read lists correctly.

19,Check out all the so called charity sellers, you will find that 10p of what they collect in generally goes to charity and they get rest.make sure they are registered.

20,Remember Ebay doesnt check for fakes by Human monitors, they use software that watches for certain words thats why there is so many fakes and replicas the software wouldnt know one fake from another, and its pointless to complain all you will recieve is an automated reply.

I am sure many mentioned here has happened to many starting off on here..

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