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What to Consider When Choosing the Most Suitable PC Laptops and Netbooks on eBay

Laptops and netbooks have changed the manner in which people utilise computers. Traditionally, users accessed the Internet or performed routine computing tasks through the desktop computer. Even early laptop models were fairly large and cumbersome machines that were portable, but did not feel comfortable on a user's lap. Today's laptops and netbooks have completely changed how people are able to utilise computers in a fast-paced and mobile society. With each new model introduction, the size of laptops and netbooks seems to shrink while the capabilities of the machines improve.

Computer users who are looking for up-to-date and capable laptops and netbooks should begin by understanding the differences between the two types of machines. In order to determine which type of computer serves the needs, buyers should understand the advantages and drawbacks of each type of machine and how to find the right balance for their usage needs. Additionally, by understanding how to effectively use the website, a buyer can leverage the many tools that eBay offers to find the right laptop or netbook.

Differences Between Laptops and Netbooks

There are some important distinctions between laptops and netbooks that prospective buyers must understand in order to make an informed purchase decision. Each machine offers similar capabilities, but it is ultimately the requirements of the end user that determine which is the right fit. Windows 10 offers a wide range of both laptops and netbooks.

The Netbook

Netbooks are the smaller of the two devices, with the average netbook weighing in under 1.5 kg. Netbooks also have smaller screens than laptops and are less powerful. The main draw of the netbook is its small and convenient size that allows users to easily carry it in a purse or small backpack. Their portability makes netbooks ideal for surfing the Internet or light tasks such as checking emails and accessing social network sites.

A prospective buyer on eBay can expect to find a wide variety of netbooks. Brands ranging from Samsung and Sony to Acer and Lenovo are available on the website. One can also conduct a search for a netbook based on features such as processor speed, hard drive capacity, and memory.

The Laptop

Laptops are larger than netbooks and much heavier. They feature larger screens and more computing power. Laptops are designed to be able to accomplish many of the things that can be done on a desktop, but in a mobile environment. Laptops are designed with heavier computing tasks in mind where one utilises the machine for tasks other than merely surfing the Internet. Heavy business-related tasks such as opening spreadsheets or accessing large documents are more easily accomplished on a laptop.

A quick search for laptops on eBay reveals that one can find laptops with a wide range of features. A prospective buyer searching this website can look for laptops by brands, such as Dell, ASUS, Compaq, and Toshiba, among others. One can also search for laptops by screen size, memory, processor type, and processor speed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PC Laptops and Netbooks

A great way for a prospective buyer to determine which type of computer to purchase on eBay is to explore the advantages and disadvantages of each type. This can help the buyer determine which type can fulfill all the needs. The goal should be to acquire a machine at a low price in a small and convenient size that nevertheless performs the necessary tasks.

Advantages of Laptops

The big advantage that laptops have over netbooks is that they have more powerful processors and larger amounts of RAM capable of handling larger amounts of data. This is important for users who need to have different programs open and working at the same time or who need to access large volumes of data or information. The size of the keyboard is also an advantage for those who require a full size keyboard in order to type effectively. A laptop also has a larger and higher resolution screen, which becomes important when one has several applications open at the same time or views video or other media. Laptops almost always come with a CD/DVD player of some sort for downloading software or accessing DVD movies. Sound is also better on a laptop because of larger and better constructed speakers.  

Advantages of Netbooks

The main advantage of the netbook is its size. A big reason people purchase netbooks is because they are easy to transport. Netbooks typically weigh under 1.5 kg, which means they are easy to carry along anywhere. The other major advantage of a netbook is its price, which is typically lower than that of a laptop. This makes the netbook an excellent choice for users who do not utilise their machines for heavy computing, but instead use them for simpler applications.

Disadvantages of Laptops

Size and price may be the advantages of a netbook, but they are disadvantages where laptops are concerned. Laptops are larger and feature more components, so their construction dictates that they be much heavier than netbooks. Because laptops incorporate higher end components that increase their speed and capacity to handle larger amounts of data, they are more expensive than netbooks, which are not required to perform similar tasks. The better screen quality and sound in a laptop also come at a higher cost, and the larger size increases its weight.

Disadvantages of Netbooks

The main disadvantages of the netbook are in its performance. The processor in a netbook is usually fairly slow because it is designed for low cost and not performance. For this reason, watching videos or performing more intense computing tasks on a netbook is more difficult and usually results in degraded performance. The screen and keyboard is naturally smaller on a netbook to preserve low cost as well as maintain minimal weight. The downside to this is that netbooks are more difficult to type on for many people, and the images that appear on the screen can be quite small. They also do not come with CD/DVD drives, although this can be overcome by purchasing an external unit that can be attached via a USB port. A prospective buyer who is considering the purchase of a netbook on eBay should find a local computer shop to play around with a netbook and see if the size of the unit works for the needs. 

Finding the Right Balance

There are larger versions of netbooks available, but they are still smaller than laptops. The lines between an ultra-portable laptop and a high-end netbook continue to close as technology advances how computers are designed and built.


Average Laptop

Average Netbook

Screen Size

12 inches to 20 inches

Less than 11 inches


2.2 kg - 4 kg

1 kg - 1.5 kg

Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Starter

Windows 7 Home Premium


Dual Core; Quad Core

Intel Atom


Up to 16 GB RAM

Up to 2 GB RAM

Hard drive

Up to 1TB, SSD up to 320 GB

Up to 500 GB

Optical Drive

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray read/write



Full range of graphics cards

Shared integration

Prior to purchasing a netbook or a laptop on eBay, the user must identify what the machine is intended for. Someone who needs to access many programs at the same time or work on large files is better served by a laptop. Someone who does not require a great deal of computing power and seldom utilises the machine for heavy computing tasks can save a great deal of money by selecting a netbook instead.


The choice between a laptop and a netbook depends primarily on the buyer's personal needs and preferences. People who need computing power and want to be able to play computer games and movies do well to opt for laptops, if they fit into the budget. If surfing the Internet, checking emails, and social network posts is the extent of one's computer usage, then a netbook is an ideal option available at a reasonable price. Regardless of which type of machine is selected, there is a vast assortment of units available on eBay to suit any user's needs.

Buyers can take advantage of eBay's shopping tools to compare the various laptop and netbook offerings by price and features. The different subcategories available for selection allow users to choose the options that are important to them when purchasing a new computer. Selecting different categories and subcategories in the website allows eBay to display only those units that are pertinent to the selections. Thanks to the many functionalities on eBay, shopping for PC laptops and netbooks is easy and safe.

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