Considerations When Buying a Nissan Primastar for a Business

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A commercial vehicle that is perfect for a variety of businesses, the Nissan Primastar offers features and benefits that other commercial vehicles do not have. Weigh the factors before purchasing a Nissan Primastar for your business or company, and consider the affordable van a perfect asset for your business.



If you are seeking the perfect van for commercial use, then you are probably searching for a van with just the right amount of space. The Nissan Primastar offers plenty of cargo space, including a 2400x1690 mm cargo area to meet your work needs. When it comes to loading and unloading cargo, the Primastar makes it simple with 160-degree opening doors in the cargo area and an easily accessible sliding door on the side of the van. The loading lamps on the side of the van and on the doors activate by opening the doors, making loading easy during the day or night-time.



Safety is always a consideration, especially when you are hauling sensitive cargo for your business. The Nissan Primastar makes safety a priority, with features like anti-lock brakes, side-impact door bars, remote-control locks, and air bags. The rear brake lamp is high on the van for a safer braking experience, and some models include fog lamps. Three-point harness seat belts keep riders safe and secure and feature pre-tensioners.


Added Features

You may think the Nissan Primastar is for business only, but the added features create a luxury driving experience you may wish to enjoy off the clock. Some features that different Primastar models offer include CD players with user-friendly wheel controls and jack for iPods, tinted windows, and power steering. Take advantage of the comfort inside the Primastar with adjustable seats, cup holders, and storage hooks, and roll down the windows with ease using power windows. Heated mirrors come in some models, as well as Bluetooth access and a rear parking system to help you park flawlessly even when you cannot see behind you. Cruise control and an attractive wooden floor make the Primastar even more appealing.



While the space inside the Primastar as well as its fully loaded features are convincing reasons to purchase the van for commercial use, you need to consider the differences between the three Nissan Primastar models before you choose the right van. The E grade is the most basic model and offers plenty of cargo space as well as anti-lock brakes and a stellar sound system, while the SE grade includes Bluetooth and power windows. The luxurious SE+ grade has all of those features, as well as fog lamps and cruise control. All vehicles seat eight passengers comfortably, and prices vary according to features.

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