Continous Ink System

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I have been using ciss system for 2 years now and  i have to say it works very well and gives a very good results for those people who thinking to buy a ciss system i would  recommend .

There is few things need to be pointed out.
Bear in mind that during transport the cartridges, plastic pipes and ink containers will obviously contain lots of air ,this is normal don't expect the first few prints to be perfect but after removing the air and printing a few pages it will be ok.

Before you start to use the ciss system you need to reset the cartridges,The CIS cartridges unlike the original cartridges are equipped with ARC (auto reset chips ) These microchips are required to be reset before using them ,Resetting is a simple process
Turn off your printer,Insert the ciss cartridges,Wait 2-3 minutes and turn on your printer again ,if necessary repeat this process until the printer recognize the cartridges,You also need to reset the cartridges after refilling the system

Please note this type of resetting process only for the old type of ciss systems with the individual microchips,we also have a guide for the new type of central reset ciss systems with the reset button ,if you have these new type of ciss please read our other guide

Once you have installed the CIS and removed the air from the ink tube and the catridges you have to keep them at the same level otherwise you end  up with puddle of ink on the botttom of your printer.First time i  installed i was trying  to force the ink into the cartridges by lifting the ink containers  higher than the cartridges this worked but ink came out of the cartridges so I would recommend to keep the system always on the same level with your printer .In case you have too much air in you cartridges you can simply remove the air by inserting the refilling syringe into the bottom of the cartridge pump the air out

To help run the ink through I printed about 12-16 pages , one of each of the 6 colours. While doing this I slightly raised the ink containers and eventually my printouts quality were perfect.

Its worth pointing out that when I dont use the printer for a few days air does accumulate in the pipes but seems to purge when printing.

Normally an average ink tank contains about 80-100ml ink ,this amount of ink about 10 times more than a normal cartridge ,considering the price is about the same like one set of OEM cartridge you save about 80% on your printing cost

I have no hesiation to highly recommending the product .All works perfectly, great little kit and prefilled saves all the hassle.
Just dont rush installing it, take your time.

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