Controlling Consumable Costs

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For most businesses, managers are unaware of excessive consumable costs. To create and maintain that professional approach, it is worth taking some time to observe the quality and cost effectiveness of your current office supplies.

It is estimated that most companies typically spend between one and three per cent of business revenue on office supplies such as printer cartridges and paper, but inefficient printing, poor document management and the quality of your document production can cost your company far more.

With many decisions made in the first 30 seconds, first impressions of your business really do count. Even small factors such as the quality of print and the paper type used can make a difference to how you and your company are viewed. To create and maintain that professional image, it is worth taking some time to examine the quality and cost effectiveness of your current consumables.

For most businesses, paper is one of the biggest consumable costs and plays an important role in creating the right impression. Although traditionally a functional and accessible means of communication, we should not underestimate the psychological and aesthetic power of paper in today’s office environment. People still value being approached on paper and impressions really can be shaped by the quality of paper that you use. Do not choose your paper on cost alone; think about the impact on the recipient. The feel, weight and even the colour are all important factors to be considered.

To maximize product performance and to ensure quality documents, you should always purchase a high quality paper that is specifically designed to meet your printer specification. Regardless of the quality of your paper, you cannot achieve desired results if it isn’t suited to your printing equipment. The choice of paper on the market could create a purchasing nightmare, so it is always worth talking in depth to your consumable supplier as they can advise you in detail on the most appropriate choice for your needs.

Although in house document production is increasingly popular with businesses due to decreasing product costs, there is no point spending time choosing the most appropriate paper for your budget if consumable costs are not controlled. Research shows that 40% to 45% of total cost of ownership goes toward consumables and servicing, so although the capital cost of some printers may be relatively inexpensive, you should consider the added cost of consumables in your budgetary decisions. The expenditure on consumables can outweigh the original cost of the printer many times over, for example some Laser cartridges can cost in the region of £150-£200 each, bearing in mind that there are 4 toners per printer.

Original toners and inkjet products are all manufactured for specific individual printers and cannot be interchanged as a general rule. There are some products where this will apply, but only on limited application. As an alternative to original toners and ink jet cartridges, there are comprehensive listings of compatible products available which are far more cost effective than the original products, offering savings of around 30% against O.E.M. lines. These do not effect the manufacturer’s printer warranty agreements, providing they are secured from a reputable supplier as their products will be fully guaranteed against any mishap.

Regardless of the type and size of your business, chances are that you need constant provisions of quality office consumables. If you are tired of spending a fortune on office consumables, especially if you buy such products in small quantities, you should consider the idea of contacting a reliable, dedicated provider who can supply you with quality and affordable office consumables on a regular basis. Once you hire the services of a highly reputed provider, it is advisable to make larger purchases at once rather than smaller ones at short time intervals – this way you will be able to further bring down the purchase cost of paper products and office consumables.

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