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The PSP is undoubtedly a great handheld games console. There are so many things you can do with it, and one of those is watching the DVDs and videos you have at home. You can do this by converting them to PSP format and watching them from your memory stick.

1. You will need:

1) A Sony PSP Console

2) A copy of PSP Video 9, downloaded from

3) A memory stick, I recommend at least 256mb

4) A USB Data Cable or Memory card reader

5) Some movies on DVD or on your hard drive

6) A copy of DVD Decrypter, downloaded from the Internet

2. Onto the actual converting...

    Firstly make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of PSP Video 9 from The installation process may take a while but be patient. Also, download a copy of DVD Decrypter from the Internet (search in Google).

    Then, open PSP Video 9 for the first time and it will ask you to auto-detect your PSP. This is useful so connect your PSP with a data cable or put your Memory Stick Duo into a card reader and the program will do the detection.


    (Next step is not needed if your movie or video is on your hard drive.) The next step is to close or minimize the program and open DVD Decrypter for the first time. Make sure that you do not use this program to copy copy-protected DVDs and break any laws in your country. After opening DVD Decrypter, insert your DVD into a DVD Drive and the program will automatically detect the DVD and show you the files contained in it.

    After this, go onto the tools menu on the top, and click on "Settings". You will see a window open, with all the settings of the program. After, go onto the "File Mode" tab and on the drop down menu for file splitting, click "None". Then, go onto the "IFO mode" tab, and again, on the drop down menu for file splitting click "None" (or the maximum size your HDD will allow). Finally, go onto the "ISO read mode" tab, and once more, on the drop down menu for file splitting click "None" (or the maximum size your HDD will allow). CLICK ON "OK".

    Now onto the ripping. Select a destination folder (bottom left, click on the folder icon and select a folder on your Hard Disk), and click the "Rip" icon at the bottom (it's a picture). The ripping should take around 15-20 min.

    The actual converting of your movie will require you to open PSP Video 9 and click on the "Convert" icon at the top-left. Then, click "Transcode new video" and select your movie file on your hard disk (that you just ripped) and click "OK". After this, on the right you will see a drop-down menu for the Quality Profiles. This is important as it decides the size and the quality of your movie. If you want more quality (like me!) but want to keep your movie to about 300-350mb in size, select the AVC/320x240/29.97fps/384kpbs Stereo/96 kpbs profile. By selecting "AVC" instead of "SP", your movie will take longer to convert but will have more quality and will take up less space. If you want less size and less quality, go for the AVC/320x240/29.97fps/256kpbs Stereo/96 kpbs profile. Try to avoid selecting "SP" unless you are really short on time.


The conversion will take about 1 hour.

After your movie has been converted, connect your PSP to your PC and click on the "Copy" button on the left. Select your movie from the list and click "Copy to PSP" to copy it onto your console. Make sure you have the right folders (if "AVC" is selected in the top drop-down menu, then select "AVC" on PSP's drop down menu as well.)

The only thing that's left now is for you to enjoy your movie on your PSP!!!

I hope this guide from pkgreen2006 was useful to you.

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