Conveyor oven’ what is the difference?

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If you look at Conveyor Belt Pizza Ovens category, you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the different ovens, they are all belt-driven ovens that cook pizza quickly and to perfection and simple-to-use.
They are used in pizza delivery outlets with high-volume sales because they are easy for cooks to get the hang of and they can be used again and again with consistent results. Pizza is put on a moving belt and the operator sets the temperature and cook time.
While most of the models will pretty much look like any other one from either category, there are significant differences between them. The conveyor ovens used jets of hot, pressurized air from above and below to cook pizza. The advantage of them is that it can cook food more quickly and cuts bake times by as much as 30 present.

Which Oven is best for Your Kitchen?
Each type is more appropriate for certain establishments. Conveyor ovens are ideal in high-volume facilities that produce the same type of food back to back for several hours. For example, a pizza delivery outlet that bakes hundreds of pizzas each day could benefit from the high-volume capacity of a Conveyor Oven especially if the Shop faces a big rush at lunch or dinner time, this could help you meet the demand without having to cook things in advance and hold them hot.

While Lincoln was the first to put impingement technology in its conveyor ovens, other companies have followed suit and are using it in different types of ovens to speed up the cooking process, Lincoln Ovens are easy to repair and parts are widely available, Please take a look at our site for different belt size and do not forget the cooking chamber size as the longer they are the more pizzas they cook.

i.e. for a pizza delivery co. the minimum cooking area I would suggest  being 32” x 40”, 32” is the width of the belt and 40” is the cooking chamber length, All Lincoln 1400 and 1600 series will fall into this category.

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