Cooker Hoods & Extractors

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Every time you cook something in your kitchen, vapour and gases are released into the room as either smoke or steam. Some of these often contain oil and grease which then sticks to the cupboards and furniture, resulting in unclean surfaces and bad smells. By fitting the right kitchen extractor fan, you can drastically improve air circulation and prevent unnecessary cleaning. Here are some tips on choosing the right extractor fan.

What Size Kitchen Extractor Fan do I need?

There are lots of different sizes and types of kitchen extractor fans available. You will need to take some time choosing the best extractor fan for your needs so you are sure it will work efficiently in the room you want to use it in. The size of fan you will need depends on the size and type of the room, plus your personal preferences. If you install an exterior fan which is too small it won't work properly, but fit one that's too big and it will allow too much hot air out of the room, so finding the correct balance is important.

To work out the size you will need measure the height, width and length of the room, and then multiply width by height by length to calculate the total volume of the room. This is the number you need to help you start deciding which fan will be best for you.

Working out the Airflow

To work out the airflow of the kitchen extractor fan required, take the volume and multiply it by 10. This is so all the air in the room is replaced 10 times per hour. This means if your kitchen has a volume of 30m then the air flow needed for the room will be 300 m/h. Using these calculations you can ensure you install the best and most efficient extractor fan possible.

Ventilation Options

There are two main different types of fan available, Vented or non-Vented. Anyone replacing an existing kitchen extractor fan will probably be unable to make this choice, as the system already in place is unlikely to be changeable. A vented exhaust fan pulls the air outside your home and requires ducting to connect between the range hood and the outside. If your existing fan is already connected to duct work, then fitting a vented kitchen extractor fan will be easy. If you dont have any ducting, then installing a fan of this type is not impossible but will require a lot more work to be done.

A non-vented hood is easier to install and works by passing the air over a filter and then re-circulating it back into the room. The filters on these types of systems can vary, the cheaper ones are only able to remove heat and bad smells, but more powerful ones can capture oils and other moisture released from your cooking.

The cooker hood has become an essential part of a kitchen. Kitchen hoods come in a variety of colours and styles, so finding one to fit your kitchen design is easy. Functional and elegant, they are a must have for any home!
The brands available at Ship It Appliances include Bosch, CDA, SIA, Hotpoint, Franke, Matrix and many others, which are supplied at trade prices. The range we offer includes chimney, designer, glass, integrated, and linear kitchen hoods.

A market leader that supplies high quality kitchen ventilation solutions, Ship It Appliances offers you low prices as well as a 5 year warranty for the majority of our products.

You can easily remove odours and steam from your kitchen with two main types of kitchen hoods. 

Extraction – smoke, steam, and unpleasant smells will be removed outside via ducting. You will not need charcoal filters, lowering long-term costs. The absence of a charcoal filter also means that the airflow rate will be higher. However, the extractor hood is not applicable in kitchens that do not have sufficient space for the ducting system. 
Charcoal filter system – this type of cooker hood requires you to change the filters periodically. Charcoal filter hoods are also advantageous if you don’t have enough space for ducting.

The larger the extraction rate, the better the kitchen extractor fan will work for you.

Get rid of unpleasant odours and steam with ease with our kitchen extractor fans. Free delivery, a 5 year warranty and some of the lowest prices on the market are your recipe for a perfect kitchen!

Chimney cooker hoods are named as such because they are designed to look like a chimney – and, they perform a similar function. Most chimney cooker hoods are made of stainless steel, and there are some designs that include a glass awning to trap steam. Stainless steel cooker hoods look great in kitchens with a modern aesthetic while glass chimney cooker hoods add a touch of classic elegance to the aesthetic.

At Ship It Appliances, we stock a wide range of chimney cooker hoods in different styles and finishes. As such, we are confident that you will find the exact cooker hood to suit the look of your kitchen and your cooking needs.

All of our chimney cooker hoods can either be ducted so that they can remove smoke and odours outside, or the can be recirculated to recycle clean air back into the kitchen. Whichever method you choose, Ship It Appliances offers the cooker hood accessories required to successfully install your new appliance.

Glass Cooker hoods are essential kitchen appliances that remove smoke and odours from the room while you cook. While they are available in a wide variety of styles, glass cooker hoods add a stylish and sophisticated nuance to your kitchen. They are available in many different styles and finishes, so you can outfit your kitchen with the perfect cooker hood to suit your colour scheme.

They are not only designed to make your kitchen look more elegant; the glass canopy also serves an important function. It can capture steam easily, helping to quickly remove odours and stuffy air from the room.

Another benefit of glass cooker hoods is that they tend to be easier to clean than stainless steel cooker hoods. It is also easier to tell when glass cooker hoods need cleaning, so you can keep on top of their maintenance and ensure that your kitchen appliances are always sparkling.

Ship It Appliances offers dozens of different glass cooker hoods from brands like CDA, Matrix and SIA. These reliable brands guarantee robust quality and top-grade manufacturing, so you can count on your glass cooker hood to perform to a high standard.

Designer Cooker Hoods From Ship It Appliances

At Ship It Appliances we supply a fantastic range of CDA designer cooker hoods, with styles to suit any type of kitchen. We have different shapes and sizes of designer cooker hoods including curved glass, steel lanterns as well as flat, circular and cylinder designs, each of which has their own features including touch controls, timers and various speed controls.


All of the CDA designer cooker hoods we sell come with a standard 2 year labour guarantee and a 5 year guarantee for parts, meaning you do not need to worry if you have any problems in the future. We have extractors to suit every price range, with models that have an extraction rate of 615m3/hr, which is perfect for smaller sized kitchens and hob arrangements through to larger designs with an extraction rate of 900m3/hr, perfect for gas hobs in bigger kitchens.

At Ship It our range of designer cooker hoods includes:

Curved Glass – These are one of the newest designs for cooker hoods and are made to fit seamlessly into your kitchen without creating too much attention. Their shape allows them to fit onto a wall above the cooker and has minimal features which are what makes them a highly popular designer cooker hood which fits perfectly into a modern looking kitchen.

Circular/Lantern Style – These are smaller in size and are designed for smaller kitchens. This does not mean they are any less effective, and include many of the same features as the other designs including dish washable filters and various speeds of filtration.

Cylinder – These are the most compact designer cooker hoods we have available and can sit above your cooker without ever being noticed. They have different options available in this design plus the choice of a black or steel finish.

Angled/Flat Panel – These are the most common designer cooker hoods you will find, as they are the standard style which many people choose for their kitchen. These have a large panel which is either angled slightly so it is at 45 degrees to the hobs, or the flat models which can sit directly on the ceiling and includes features such as a quick start and boost modes, which make these perfect for highly used kitchens.

Our range of designer cooker hoods includes designs which are perfect for all types of kitchen and cooker. Every extractor comes with 5 years guarantee, plus free delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland. For more information on any of our products please call us on 01623 752919.
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