Cooking Aprons

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Cooking Aprons - Choosing the Correct Apron

There are so many aprons available in the market place today the choice is unlimited from functional through to fashionable.

The most popular aprons today are for the home market with the primary use within the kitchen.

The history of the apron dates back Pre 1800's, the term 'pinny' is a form of british slang which originates from the pinafore apron which is classic apron that was fastened using a button around the back of the neck.

Popular Apron VariationsWaist Apron,  A traditional apron which covers the body from the waist down.
Bib / Chefs Apron , the most popular  as it  covers the upper body in the front, ties at the waist with slim halter-style loop ties behind the neck
Tabard, a style of apron that covers both front and rear part of the body which is commonly used within a working profession for example a blacksmith.
Pinafore, a sleeveless dress which is intended to be worn over the top of a garment which features two holes for the arms and is fastened around the back of the neck using  a button or ties.
Choice of Material
When comparing aprons take a moment to view the choice of materials for there durability and longevity Cotton  - This is the most popular choice for the home apron as it offers the ability to feel free flowing when wearing the garment, it has the practicality to be laundered plus can be produced in many colour and design options. 
PVC / Vinyl - A great option for children, the benefit of a PVC / Vinyl is the ability to wipe clean any marks that occur during baking or play.
Leather Apron - This option is most commonly found within the working sector for example a blacksmith as it offers an extremely high durability against shards of metal and can protect high heat.Summary
An apron is a truly practical garment which is ideal to purchased as an individual purchase to express your personality or a gift . 

Take the time to explore the vast range of aprons out there in the market place, there is an apron for everyone.

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