Copied CD'S and DVDS - DONT BE FOOLED!!!!

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You ever bought a CD or DVD off ebay only to realise that it is a copy when it turns up?

Well, I have - and for a start - its ILLEGAL, so that kinda puts you one step up over the seller! Even if the seller (however descretely) indicates in the listing that the item is copied, dont think you have to foot the loss and keep it - FAR FROM IT! Just email them and tell them that you require a refund on the grounds that they have commited copyright infringement! And more fool them if they refuse to refund your money!!


DVD's are usually listed as 'Region Free' and 'Will play on any DVD player' There are exceptions, but it might be worth asking to make sure!

Also, you may be able to tell from the picture.


Just be careful - theres nothing more annoyin than receiving your DVD or CD only to realise that some cheapskate is making a mint out of flogging you his cheap copies!!


AND DONT FORGET - REPORT REPORT REPORT them to eBay to stop it happening again!

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