Coping With The Ups and Downs of Life on eBay

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There are some lovely people trading on eBay, but there are also some who are, shall I say, less pleasant, so a short story to set the scene and show an example of each type.

A few months ago I wrote a CD review on eBay for a disc I was selling and then forgot about it. I get paid for writing book reviews from time to time, so I didn't feel too bothered about doing any more until I got an email last week from an eBayer who'd read my review and felt it was very good. I had some others CDs for sale, one of which they were interested in, and asked why I'd not reviewed them.

Having been prompted I wrote reviews for all the CDs I had for sale, plus some others that crossed my mind at the time. By Monday evening of this week I had over 30 reviews plus a couple of guides to my name, and my new eBay friend was kind enough to check them all out. From some questions that they raised I ammended the reviews and guides and hoped that others might find them useful. Certainly others had been looking.

Yesterday I logged on to eBay to list some items. As my page opened I saw that I was now a Top 1000 Reviewer. I clicked on the link and, sure enough, there I was in the 800s. I clicked out to list my items and saw that I'd gone back to Top 5000. Odd I thought, and went back into the Reviews and Guides page and, as I sat there refreshing the page constantly and watching the numbers change one by one, in the space of just over a minute someone gave me an unhelpful vote for no less that 28 reviews and guides.

Now there was no way that anyone was reading them that quickly, so the only explanation was that they wanted to reduce my rating. They certainly did that, as I dropped almost 1000 places down the table, so I hope that the individual concerned is happy with their work.

So there you have an example of the good and the bad: On the one hand a member who takes the time to contact another, thanks them for something and seeks advice that has been freely given. On the other hand you have someone who has acted in a petty and vindictive manner.

How will I remember this week on eBay? By the kind person who has been in touch about my reviews, and from the transactions I have completed with people who have been a credit to eBay.

It is a fact that eBay reflects life in general. You will come across all sorts of people, so remember the ones who have made your day a little better and don't let the other sort get under your skin. Life's too short and they are not worth you worrying about.

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