Copy Convert your LPs to MP3 CD or PC on a budget

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This guide shows you how you can easily copy all your old vinyl LPs, audio tapes and anything else analogue to your PC and from there you can do almost anything with it.

We will show how to do this yourself on a very low budget.

You could go out and buy expensive equipment like USB turntables to connect directly to your PC (these retail at £80 + at the time of writing this guide).

You could pay someone to do the job for you - and a very good job they can do - at about £12 per vinyl LP.

By now you have decided to shell out Hundreds and stopped reading or save hundreds in which case keep reading.

What do you need to do the job?

First you need a way to play the old vinyl or audio cassettes etc - IE a record deck tape player

Record decks if they are separates usually have left and right PHONO outputs to plug into an amplifier or stacker unit. Your stereo may have it's own audio out connectors and will also have an earphones (Phones) socket. You can use either of these options to connect the output from your player to the sound input on your PC.

OK the Phones socket will be either a 3.5mm or 6.3mm Stereo socket. The PC soundcard will have a 3.5mm stereo Line-in socket.

All you need is a stereo audio cable with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug at one end and the appropriate connector at the other end ie 3.5mm or 6.3mm jack plug OR RCA(Phono) connectors.

Of course the cable need to stretch from your stereo to the PC so check how far this is if you can't easily move them.

In some cases you can connect a record deck direct to the PC without an amp - most people will advise you can't do this without buying a PRE-AMP (a small device to amplify the weak signal from the record deck) - But I have tried it and you can!. If you choose to do this then its worth trying it out to see if your particular record deck is up to it.

We would personally advise hooking up the stereo as described above (always make sure the volume is on MINIMUM to start so as to avoid damage to the PC Sound Card)

So you have the connection now you need software to record the audio being fed to your PC.

Here again there are expensive options that are really only appropriate in my opinion for professionals. If like me you have a vast LP collection that one day will be unusable or expensive collector Items that you don't want to damage then you need to convert them to MP3 and store them on your PC or CD or Ipod.

We use a very neat application called Audacity - this is open source software so costs you nowt - unless your conciencious and decide to make a donation to the developers which they deserve.

This software will record the input from the line in, allow you to split into individual tracks, Convert to MP3 and reduce noise and crackle you can get with Old Vinyl.

Then you can burn the MP3 files to CD to play in your car or on your stereo or put them onto your Ipod.

If you nip down to your local Maplins or PC world the you could purchase a 10M audio cable and adapters for about £15 then you need to download and install the audacity and cd burning software and set it up on your PC.


you can visit my Ebay Shop

Where you can purchase the entire Kit with all cables and adapters,Audacity Software,CD Burning software as well as bonus software for tuning your PC and optimising windows from only £7.48 or if you already have the cables just get the software , instructions and tutorials for £1.99

This kit contains Full detailed step by Step instructions AND you can call me for help if you get stuck.

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