Copy Football Programmes being sold on e E bay.

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This is a topic which is increasingly getting me annoyed. There seems to be an increase of  copy football programmes being sold on e bay which is very worrying for the people who collect football memorabilia. These people, and we know who they are, are obtaining a copy of some very valuable programmes and copying these programmes by using home printers, something that anyone can do. Some of them are not even good copies. They are copies of the programmes that have not even been cut to size so there is a white plain border around the side !!!  Very poor.

What harm can it do you may be asking ,if the seller is classing it as a copy ?  Well the more of these copies ( or reproductions, as they like to call them) that get circulated, the more chance that some unscrupulous people could try to pass them over as originals. So someone could pay £100's for something that cost a few pence to produce.

We will also get situations where people are going to start copying the copies because it is so easy for people to produce excellent colour copies with reasonably priced home printers.

I am still amazed that e bay allows this to go on. If someone was selling copy CD,s or copy DVD,s they would soon have there auctions stopped, so what is the difference in this case ? 

We could get a situation soon where there are more copies in existence rather than originals.

I would be interested to hear other people thoughts on this subject.

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