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Seven Vital Elements That Will Make Your Salescopy SELL

Any one of the copywriting techniques I'm about to show you can increase your conversion rate on its own... but use ALL of them together and you'll create an unstoppable online salesperson that will sell your product or service 24/7!

1. Write to a targeted audience

Know EXACTLY who your niche market is and then target your salescopy to precisely what they're looking for if.

You can learn about your site visitors' by looking at your server logs.

• What's your most popular page?
• Where do visitors stay for the longest time?
• Where do people most often click away?
• When do most people visit?

Also consider the questions or comments you get from customers after a sale.

Armed with hard information, you can write copy that addresses their specific needs and anticipates any questions or objections they might have... just the way a sales rep would in person.

2. Create an attention-grabbing headline

A winning headline gets straight to the point and promises an answer to the problem your visitor is trying to solve. For instance:

Now, In Just 9 Easy Steps, You Can Transform Ordinary Fabric Into a Handmade Quilt That Your Family and Friends Will Love, Admire and Cherish –Even If You Have Never Made a Quilt Before!

Or this:

Have you been searching for luxury goose down comforters -- at places such as,, ,  (just to name a few) -- but cannot decipher all the hype from the true quality!?

Finally... Get all of the facts that surround the luxury goose down bedding business -- including insider information AND closely guarded industry secrets -- so you can make a totally informed decision for your entire family's well being!

Both headlines address precisely what the target web site visitor is looking for. If you keep your headline highly relevant, simple, and specific, your reader will read on.

3. Establish your credibility

Your visitors are just two clicks away from dozens or even hundreds of other sites similar to yours. Why should they believe what you have to say? You have to prove very early on that what you're about to tell them can be trusted. So:

• Give your credentials
• Tell a story
• Feature testimonials
• Add a strong guarantee

4. Talk about benefits, not just features

Your potential customers want to know how your product or service will make THEIR lives easier. Drive this home by focusing on benefits, not just features.

Here’s an example:

Feature: "The Grade A Gardening Shovel is ergonomically designed to remove weeds more efficiently than traditional shovels."

Benefit: "Get your weeding done in half the time AND reduce wrist soreness!"
A benefit answers your visitor's question: "What's in it for me?" and gets them to visualize using your product to take care of the problem they're trying to solve.

5. Add a sense of urgency for immediate sales

Now that your have found you, they may decide to shop around and come back later… only they won't.

You need to give them a good reason to buy NOW rather than later. Try these urgency-builders to nudge them into pulling out their credit cards:

• Only a limited number available
• Available for a limited time only
• Limited-time coupons or discounts
• Special bonus in limited quantities

6. Format for easy scanning

People scan online rather than reading word by word. Break up your text with these techniques:

• Use bulleted lists and subheads
• Make short, chunky paragraphs of one to four lines -- and mix them up
• Emphasize important points with bolding, highlighting, or italics
• Use a plain font like Arial or Verdana
• Use only relevant graphics and images
• Put your text on a plain white or light background

7. Ask for the order

Once you’ve drawn your readers through the sales process by explaining the features and benefits of your product or service, you need to spell out EXACTLY what you want your reader to do. For instance:

• To order now and receive your copy within minutes, click here!"
• "Click here to take advantage of this limited time offer!"
• "To get your widget -- backed by our 100% risk-free guarantee -- click here now!"

If you don't make the next step absolutely crystal clear for your readers, there's no telling how many sales might be slipping through your fingers.

When it comes to your online business, your salescopy is your one and only chance to communicate directly with your potential customers and tell them WHY they should buy from you over someone else. So use these copywriting techniques to make sure your salescopy is doing its job.


Derek Gehl is CEO of the More about the Internet Marketing Center – an educational web site for Internet business owners that attracts more than 1.8 million visitors each month, and has generated over $60 million in online sales.

Copywriting techniques are covered in IMC’s comprehensive Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet course.

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