Core 2 Duo/Core Duo - Blasting the myth!

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Considering purchase of a Core 2 Duo laptop (or Core Duo)?

Many of our customers (both on ebay and in our shop) have questioned us about the latest Core 2 Duo laptops and why they are so expensive given such a low speed compared to older Pentium M Centrino laptops. When making such a sizeable investment of up to 4 figures it is important to understand what you are purchasing and why your expections probably won't be met.

First point of note is that multi core processors are still not fully utilised by software companies, in order to gain anything like a noticable speed gain from this technology both the operating system and the application need to be specifically compiled and developed to access the dual core functionality of Intel's latest processor. Here is a classic example.

Sony Core Duo 15.4 widescreen laptop 1.6ghz = CPU speed rating index of 4.1 under Windows Vista Ultimate.
Dell D800 Centrino 15.4 widescreen laptop 1.6ghz CPU speed rating index of 4.1 under Windows Vista Ultimate.

These machines have 24 months between them in production dates, use different technologies and yet produce identical results in Windows Vista performance tests. This is the situation, if you have money to burn be our guest, it's your money to waste. However Core Duo is a marketing mans dream and for twice the money for atleast the next 12 months will not actually give a noticable increase in a correctly configured machine.

Spend your money on a laptop with more memory, matched pairs of memory (to enable dual channel mode for even greater speed) and a faster hard drive of 5400rpm. You will find you have money to spare and still have a future proof laptop which will happily run the latest version of Windows for the next 4-5 years. We don't like seeing people get ripped off or wasting their money.

Vista isn't required nor is Core 2 Duo unless you are encoding raw video files 24/7 or rendering the next animated Walt Disney blockbuster movie on your laptop, save time, save money, avoid both believe me.

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