Corgi Aviation Archive Certified & De-Certified Models

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Certificated and De-certificated, Models, What’s The Difference?

This is a common question that we are asked by customers interested in Corgi’s “Aviation Archive” range, that are either new to collecting or are looking to buy as a gift for someone else. This has prompted us to write the brief overview to explain the difference.

Certified Models:

These models are released as new and are limited edition collector’s models that carry a numbered certificate relating to the models issue. Most certificated models will hold their value and inevitably become an investment as the value will increase over time and offer a good return.

De-Certified Models:

From the beginning of 2006, Corgi introduced an optional discounting scheme to aid the sales of remaining stocks, to make their models more accessible and also to protect the investment of customers that had bought limited editions at full price.

De-certification by Corgi can take place approximately 6 months after the original limited editions initial release, but these models, unlike their counterparts, will not offer an expected return on par with those that are certified!

How Do I Tell The Difference?

This is bound to upset a small minority of eBay sellers who refuse to state the models certificated status, (no doubt via the feedback of this guide) as it is not in their interests and is a deliberate attempt to mislead buyers through what seems like unbelievably low prices.

De-certified models are recognizable by three important factors.

1: The removal and the destruction of the limited edition certificate.

2: The punching of a small hole in the lid.

3: The attachment of an official sticker that covers the punched hole, stating: “DE-CERTIFIED DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THIS LABLE”.

A Note To Remember.

Always check that the model that you are considering purchasing is stated as a certified or a de-certified model. If it is not clearly stated, use the “question for seller” contact system to verify that the model is a true limited edition and that there is a certificate present.

We hope this guide has brought valuable information in any considered purchase of Corgi Aviation Archive products and we thank you for taking the time to read this. Aviation-Miniatures.

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