Corinthian model guide - avoid fakes 10 steps

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This 10 step corinthian guide will help you to separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to buying rare and deleted corinthian models.

  1. Don't buy 'grey unreleased' models. These are fake as i have contacted corinthian to confirm this. They are just repaints and undermine a genuine collection. They are usually sold from the far east.
  2. If it has not got the corinthian logo any where on the figure or the packaging then it is not made by corinthian. Corinthian is a business and therefore they want there name on their products.
  3. Buying master models can also be very risky. Its not hard to make a box look fancy and put a cheap corinthian model iside it. Always make sure that it comes with a certificate actually from corinthian and NOT just from the seller. Corinthian provide a certificate with every master model sold.
  4. Keep 'em packaged, keep the value - Like most collectables if it comes unopened in its original packaging then its going to be more valuable now/in the future. Make sure that it is UNOPENED otherwise you could end up with a loose figure in a torn box - not very impressive.
  5. Check the collector number - Some sellers sell corinthians not knowing their full value therefore don't always get the collector number/name correct. This can lead to major disputes. Just be sure that the model you want is the model that you are bidding on.
  6. Conditioning - Some models will state 'played with condition' this varies depending on the opinion of the seller. If the model you want states this then be prepared for chips, scratches and dents.

  7. Check the item description - Some sellers will take a photo of a bulk lot and use the same photo for a range of individual figures. This can be very misleading and dissapointing! So be sure to check the item description very carefully.

  8. Doubt the seller? If in any doubt that the seller is not being entirely honest or is trying to hide something then don't buy from them. Check there feedback first.

  9. Paypal and hidden postage costs - We all know that some sellers do not state their postage costs therefore it is vital that you get a quote before bidding otherwise you could be in for a very heavy postage bill. Also, make sure that if you use paypal to pay that you are fully aware of any additional paypal fees.

  10. Damaged in the post - If an item description states that the figure is 'MINT CONDITION' then you should expect to recieve it in mint condition. However, if the item for example is a blister pack and the seller has stated that it is in mint condition and you recieve it crushed in a jiffy bag then do not accept it. Contact the seller, after all you paid postage AND packaging costs to recieve it in MINT condition. Any good seller will use a box. A jiffy bag is sufficient for loose figures though.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and i hope that it has helped to make you aware of the traps that you can fall into when buying corinthian figures. If you found this guide helpful please say so below. Thank you again.

copyright 2007 - LFDJ

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