Cornishware: Looking out for REPLICERS

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I will keep  this short and simple about Cornish Ware. If you are sceptical about if a piece of Cornish ware is genuine on eBay then you should look at the stamp, usually on the base of the item but can be on the side e.g. rolling pin. If the item has the green shield stamp with a "0" above the shield (see below) then steer clear of the item because these are REPLICERS and not the real thing. Also, the green shield stamp usually appears on items that do not have writting on them. So, if you see a storage jar with Tea written on the side of it then it is more than likely to be a REPLICER and not an original. The storage jars with writting on them have a lack shield stamp on the base. Well that was just a short piece of text on how to look out for REPLICER pieces of Cornishware which dates from the 1930's to 1940's.

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