Correctly Measuring Radiator Covers

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Measuring your cover

When measuring your cover always add 20mm way for movement and to stop you cover from swelling.
Measure the width while adding in the pipes, so for example if it is 1980mm you should make your internal measurements 2020mm do the same for the height and depth of your radiator, always remember the wood used is generally 15mm thick so this will add 30mm to the external size of your cover.
If you have skirting board you should only leave a 2mm gap so it fits nice and tight against the board.  So if your board is 15mm wide x 40mm high the cut out should be 17mm wide x 42mm high.
Our covers are supplied flat pack and are very easy to assemble, we also use a hidden wall fixture if you want to keep it secure to the wall, it is not fixed to the radiator so if you ever decide to remove your cover you simple lift it out and it will come out.

There is generally 3 standard sizes for covers which wont suit all radiators, luckily for you, we at WoodKraft offer a fully custom made service for radiator covers.
Please send us a message with your sizes and we will be happy to help:
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