Corsets for men - We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto...

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Discretely flattening a gut for a formal occasion? Or some not-so discrete role play? There’s more to men’s corsets than you would think.

Men have been wearing corsets for hundreds of years. From conservative dressing to cross-dressing - men continue to use corsets in more ways than you would think.
The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a corset is to buy one sewn specifically for men. Men’s bodies are usually longer than women’s, which means longer torsos. A man’s waist is also proportionally lower than a woman’s. Finally, a man will need more support than a woman, making a double steel boned construction a must for both looks and comfort.
Wearing a corset under your clothes will help flatten your stomach and gently mould your body shape into classic hourglass proportions. A high-quality men’s corset will work wonders for your posture.
With the right adjustment, a men’s corset also makes it easier to fit into cross-dresser clothing by gently reforming those hard to fit male shapes.
Invest in a man’s corset, both your body and your clothes will thank you for it. 
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