Could YOU save money on mobility products?

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Could YOU save money on mobility products?

All over the internet mobility shops are supplying mobility goods with VAT. You could be entitled for VAT exemption saving you money on hundreds of products!

VAT exemption exists for persons buying a product for a disabling condition. i.e. Arthritis, Swollen feet, etc. Or on behalf of a person with a disabling condition. So a buyer paying for an item intended to be used by a mother or father with arthritis, would still be entiled to VAT exemption.

How do I apply for VAT exemption?

Actually you don't have to apply. All you have to do is complete a SIMPLE VAT exemption form. So check to make sure the mobility shop you are buying from has an online VAT form for you to complete.

If a mobility shop doesn't have a VAT exemption form you will be paying VAT on your items. Shops with VAT exemption forms may list their items with-out VAT, so it is EASY to see what you are actually paying.

When buying from a mobility shop, always make sure items are CLEARLY marked as VAT exempt or Including VAT.

For example, in our shop we list VAT exempt items with this Red Tick  and non exempt items with VAT included in the price with this Blue Tick  these blue tick items are not exempt to anybody.

Once the item has been paid for, our VAT exemption form will load, allowing the buyer to easily complete the form and qualify for VAT exemption.

In the case that the product is bought for an able bodied person VAT must be paid, and usually added onto the price listed. (This is required by law.)

We hope this guide has been useful to you.


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