Counterfeit CDs and DVDs

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Do us all a favour.

If someone sells you one of these, PLEASE REPORT IT.

Raise a dispute, stating Item Significantly Not As Described. State that it is counterfeit (it's all laid out there for you).

The beauty of Paypal is that you WILL get a judgement for all of your money (inc P&P). If you are quick enough, it will be before the pirate empties their account. For non-Paypal transactions, it's a little more difficult, but you should still go through the procedures.

If you do your share and report all incidences of this problem correctly, the pirates may well be chased away elsewhere.

Many people claim they thought they were allowed to take copies for their own use. Yeah right - so that's why they are selling them! Some people claim the companies are rich and the stars themselves have too much money. So they are Robin Hood, rather than Blackbeard, are they?

If you have a counterfeit in your hand, don't sell it - that makes YOU the pirate.

If you don't get all of your money back, at least you will help prevent someone else getting ripped off. I am doing it for you. Please do it for someone else. There are a lot of honest people out there. Let's protect them.

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