Counterfeit & Dangerous GHD Styling Irons

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Ladies and Gentleman, We all like a bargain !

We all like a discounted price on goods, that we think is fair and reasonable to pay.

However, the sad fact is this. What you think is fair and reasonable to pay at a discounted price and in most cases, very substantial, could well cost you dearly !!

In fact, the very thought of it gives me the shivers, because this could cost you or someones lfe !!

In this instance, I am referring to the manufacturing and counterfeiting of GHD HAIRSTYLING IRONS, on a global scale, emanating from China.

My story is this, I purchased a Limited Edition Pink GHDIV Styling boxed set, from a website called GHDROOM.COM. I paid £59.99.

I did not know, at that time, the cost of GHD Products and wanted this set as a gift for my wife.

The goods did not arrive.

My bank account was debited £61.67.

I researched the website and traced to Beijing, China. I also traced the payment method, which was by (similar to PayPal).

I initiated an investigation, with PayEase. The goods arrived.

This is where, having received the goods and viewing them, on face value, they looked absolutely the real McCoy. You would not know they were counterfeit or otherwise.

No, alarms were ringing. I sent the goods to UK GHD, who confirmed FAKE and DANGEROUS !!

The styling irons had a silver hologram label with serial number on the power cord and  silver hologram label inside the body of the irons with a different serial number.

Having liased with UK GHD, I requested the goods to be returned to myself, for investigation by trading standards.

Trading Standards are powerless, outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

I stepped up a gear and found a report in the Times Newspaper, that Police had shut down 1,219 fake GHD Websites.

I contacted the man in charge, Metropolitan Police e-crime unit, New Scotland Yard, London.

The information is this, that,this is a major counterfeit operation globally.

The sinister side is not only are these manufacturers and distributors, selling counterfeit goods, but you may well not receive the goods at all.

The other side of the coin, is that they steal your bank account information and both your physical identification and online details. Hence, identity theft.

In closure to my article, I leave you with this example of how dangerous counterfeit GHD Styling Irons are:

A lady followed the instructions, plugged into 240v UK mains and as she was about to place to her head/hair, they exploded.

I have a vested interest in combatting this counterfeiting, manufacturing, selling, distributing of trademark branded goods, that are inferior and potentially lethal.

If you have recently purchased GHD Styling irons, check the serial numbers with UK GHD to make sure, above all you are safe or the person using them,is safe and that they are genuine.

If you require further information, please, please, get in touch for free advice, before it is too late that your finances suffer or your life !!

Join with myself to stop this illegal trade !!

I do not write topics lightly !!






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