Counterfeit JUICY COUTURE Charms&Charm Bracelets UPDATE

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Here I go again!! Recently there have been a number of  fake Juicy Couture Charm bracelets on Ebay & people again are buying them for a lot of money thinking they are the real thing . I find it really frustrating seeing these buyers being ripped off!!!

So I have decided again to try & help you guys out there decide if you are bidding on an authentic bracelet or is it a nasty counterfeit one!!!!

At the end of the day its up to you but if I can help one person with this guide then it makes me happy xoxo 

As I have said before the craftmanship on authentic Juicy Couture charms & bracelets is second to none the details they put in are amazing.They use top of the range materials & will always be presented in their gorgeous boxes

I have decided to put these pictures of the fake bracelets at the top with hopefully helpful pointers to help you out, then you will see pictures of some of the authentic charms that are on these bracelets so you can compare the colours & quality & the workmanship that go into these charms

Please be aware that a lot of sellers at the moment are putting these fake charms & bracelets in Juicy Boxes!! If you are unsure if the charm or bracelet is authentic check the Juicy website or I will advise if you would like an opinion xxx

They are also giving them strange names.....Hey Beauty Lipstick Sport Fruit Music Eiffel tower Golden Clock Heels Charming gloves etc they are all cheap fakes!!!

The other thing to look out for is the pink heart box there have been a few fake necklaces & bracelets with these...yes Juicy do some items in these boxes but they are normally brown inside unless its kids jewellry then its pink....if you look at the lid with the Juicy logo you can see its a cheap please don`t be fooled into thinking you are getting a great bargin ask LOTS of questions & check what feedback these sellers have xx

I have been doing a bit of searching today & have found a site called ioffer (put it in a search then do Juicy Couture charms) this is where these people are getting the fake bracelets charms & boxes!!!

Have a look & see what you find :O) all nasty fake Juicy!

I really hope this helps you out thanks for taking the time to look & please vote xoxo

PS I have done a continuation on these with more pictures to help you.There are pics of a fake 2006 ltd edition winter charm bracelet!!!! xoxo

 Ok fake bracelet too many links & the coconut tree is just awful an authentic one of these is in gold plate & has brown crystals hanging from the tree to represent the coconuts.The suntan lotion bottle is also the wrong shape & the colours are not right the authentic ones of these are rare & the green is much brighter.The *J* is far to thin!!!!

  Fake again far to many links!!! The chocolate box has to be one of the most awful copies I have ever seen this was a limited edition charm brought at at the begining of 2007!!! its totally wrong see the picture of the authentic chocolate box & you will see the difference....The bikini bottom is also a terrible copy as is the corset charm this is the wrong shape & the detail is just awful!!!

Fake again far to many links!!! The guitar charm is a awful copy it has bits missing!!! see picture of the authentic guitar!!!The ghost charm is just a awful copy these are very rare now & the mouth & eyes give him away!!!


Pics of the authentic Chocolate box charm as you can see it has writing on the ribbon & the chocolates are in little cases not just a few cheap crystals stuck inside!!!

Authentic bikini bottom charm!!

Authentic guitar charm has strings & not just a chain strap!!!!

Authentic ghost charm is just gorgeous with crystals as his eyes

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