Counterfeit/Stolen razor blades

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Razor Blades, they are the most stolen item in the UK today - and guess where most of those blades end up?? Yes, right here.

Obviously in most cases you have to take the seller at their word  as most of us sellers use pictures from the net rather than the actual item.

I have come across several security proceadures that the High street stores use to prevent/identify stolen blades.

1. The most widely used method is the 'soft tag', a sticker that looks like a barcode - when the sticker is removed it will leave slivers of metal behind. These tags activate the Security barriers at the stores entrance.

2. 'Pencil Tags'. These tags are much more of a deterrant as theay are actually fixed to the product by way of a pin attached through the product to a magnet. Obviously if they are removed correctly they will leave a small (almost invisible to the eye) hole. If they've been stolen there will usually be a rip from the hole to the outside of the pack.

3. 'Store Numbers'. In certain circumstances some stores do not use any type of physical security as they 'trust' their customers. They will simply mark the item in biro or with a purpose made sticker with their store number.

My advice is this, if the item you've bought had visible tears, sticker marks of indeed a store number then i would recommend you contact the seller and request clarification.

Usually a sellers feedback will be a great indication of their honesty

Hopefully you'll find this guide of some use to you.

The RAW Trading Co

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