Counterfeit and Fake Jo Malone Candles on eBay

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As an avid Jo Malone user and I love their stuff, I recently was taken in and fell for something which with hindsight was blindingly obviously a scam....

I spotted a seller selling what they claimed were Jo Malone candles at £17.99 Buy It Now, (that should have been warning number 1) as they retail at £50+

Thinking excellent I will get them, I bought 4 for Christmas presents.  Oh how disappointed I was on receipt, as they were square in shape - Jo Malone have never made square candles only round ones.  If you didn't know Jo Malone well, or were buying it for someone it would be easy to be taken in by this.

The boxes they arrived in were covered with Jo Malone printed paper (their boxes are solid) and the stickers on the front of the candle were off centre - one thing Jo Malone has is attention to detail....

Finally a word of warning - Do not light them, as they are cheap and nasty candles which spit everywhere,

Luckily for me, I paid with a method offering payment protection.  You know the one, and they intervened, I was re compensated and the seller is now NARU'd (and its over 45 days ago so you will not be able to look in advanced search for them)

However, these candles appear frequently on eBay, they are not authentic, they are not genuine,

I would sincerely suggest going on the Jo Malone mailing list, and comparing anything you purchase from the catalogue, - that way you know you are not been scammed,

Happy safe shopping on eBay

Suz xx

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