Courier agents

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If you are going to use a Courier then chances are you will book through an Agent.  If you do, avoid Parcel2go if you expect to get compensation for lost or damaged parcels.  They are OK if everything goes alright, as they simply pass your order on to a Courier Service.  If that Courier completes the order then fine.  However, if there is a problem you will be dealing with Parcel2go, and not the Courier, and you will find that they are impossible to deal with.  Even if you have paid for insurance, don't expect to be paid.  They will use any delaying tactics such as not answering emails, or insist on information that you cannot possibly supply, such as photographs of the missing items and receipts for everything.  They have no Claims Department telephone numbers, so you cannot speak to them and they will find any excuse to blame you for failing to comply with their terms and conditions. Customer service is zero.  I cannot speak for other Agents, maybe they are the same, but I have experience of parcel2go and that experience was terrible.    
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