Courtesy When Using Ebay

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Your  guide to being a courteous Ebayer.

Firstly, remember old fashioned courtesy? It applies online too, funnily enough when I check fellow Ebayers "Feed-back" it never ceases to amaze me just how many people write nasty comments.

Now it doesnt always follow that your Ebay experience is a good one, but if you follow a few very basic rules and apply them regardless of being a Buyer or a Seller, you should breeze through the Ebay maze without too many problems.

One of my best pieces of advice regardless of being a Seller or a Buyer is Proof of Postage

It is a few pence more to use Royal Mail Recorded 1st or 2nd Class "Signed for Delivery"

Unfortunatly there are a growing number of people that try to pull a scam on Ebay, and that is to say that they did`nt receive the item and demand their money back with the threat of leaving "Bad / Negative Feed-back"

I know, as it has happened to me on more than one occassion, however because I always use "Signed for Delivery" these people have never gotten away with it.




It is always nice to receive a personal letter to say thank you for the Buyers purchase and to inform them that upon payment you will post their purchase.

After you have posted their item/s, again another short note to give the buyer information on the registered delivery number.

Make a note of the DK number on that red slip from Royal Mail in your notes section that refers to the sale of your items. That way you can instantly call up the information.

It looks professional and IS professional.

IF there is ever a delay  INFORM your customer, delays happen, but people the world over hate not being informed, the delay may not be your fault, but if you have built up some contact with your customers/buyers then more often than not they do not mind a delay.

Always Leave Feedback.



A short note to the Seller saying that your looking forward to receiving you item/s and that you will leave feedback, this is also a good time to remind the Seller that you would appreciate reciprocal Feed-back being left for you too.

Upon receipt of the item/s if they are faulty or not what you had purchased ...E-MAIL the Seller, so many problems are resolved without the need to have a "Slanging Match" on the feedback forums.

IF a problem is not resolved, then do get in touch with Ebay themselves, in your complaint be CLEAR in your worries or allegations. Short succinct and to the point, don`t ramble on, it clouds the problem and you are likely not to get the answer you want.

Only if the problem remains and is not resolved feel free to leave negative feed-back, all negative feedback should be JUSTIFIED!

If your item/s arrive and they are in a wonderful state and you are overjoyed ect ect then leave feedback, and tell the Seller in an e-mail that you are happy with your purchase. (people do like to hear that) say that you have left feedback and would appreciate them doing the same for you.

This acts as a second reminder to the Seller.

If after a week there is no feedback left then politely remind the Seller, most comply..however, I have as I`m sure you have one or two that refuse point blank to leave feedback.

This is a problem in itself, and is the reason why many Ebayers state openly that they wo`nt leave feedback unless its left for them first..This is something you will just have to deal with.



Last points:

Over all, no one should hold another fellow Ebayer to ransome with the threat of leaving Negative Feed-back, its childish and will eventualy show up.

Last but by no means least, Check the feedback left for anyone that you are going to buy from, read the negative remarks, see and work out for yourself the problem, sometimes when you set this against the good feedback you can see a pattern, you can also see if another ebayer is just being nasty.

I check the feedback left of the person that has left negative, its surprising sometimes!

Happy Ebaying




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