Cowboy's in the Limo industry, when will they stop it !

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Everyday I get Limo enquiries for people requesting 10 seaters and over.

All Legal operators in the UK who are licensed under the council or other governing bodies are only licensed to carry 8 persons, and anyone who is able to offer 10 seaters or more is breaking the law.

This is rather upsetting for all us legal operators who are losing work to these Cowboy's.

There are several reasons why you shouldn't get in a unlicensed vehicle:

  1. The vehicle will be impounded if the vehicle is stopped, which in turn people will lose their money.
  2. When you are licensed you will have to maintain an M.O.T, Insurance, Road Tax, Safety checks which is more involved than a MOT.
  3. The driver's normally will not be able to even drive the car as they will not have the proper qualifications such as a pco licence.

It really annoy's me to think that everytime I have to quote a price, some cowboy's out there are able to offer cheaper prices by breaking the law.

If you are looking for a limousine on a special occasion, obviously I would like you business, but should you find yourself having to phone some other company, alway's steer clear of companies who will not provide you with the following.

  1. Their council badge number, to which you will be able to check if they are legal or not.
  2. A place to view the car before you book
  3. Once booked, you will need the driver's number as most companies tend to let people down at the last minute, due to a more expensive job coming in.

So people please understand even Hummer's in the UK are only able to carry 8 persons if the are registered.

I would suggest to anyone booking a limousine, alway's go to the nlca . co . uk who will provide you with a limousine company that is fully vetted and fully legal.








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