Craft Ribbon Buying Guide

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Craft Ribbon Buying Guide

Craft ribbons are a great way to spruce up any craft project. Ribbons are great for scrapbooking, homemade gifts, decorating, or sewing. Craft ribbons come in many colours, sizes, and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect ribbon for any project. All ribbons have different edging, although most come in commonly cut, woven, or wire edge designs. Cut and woven edges are flexible and do not hold shape, while wire edge ribbon is adjustable to form to a specific shape and hold the shape. Cut edge is the most affordable type of ribbon, and wire edge is usually the most expensive. Aside from edging, there are many different types of fabric used to make ribbons, from cotton to velvet, making it easy to find a ribbon for any craft or decoration.

Craft ribbons are purchased in brick and mortar craft stores and online using eBay. eBay offers a much larger selection than many craft stores, making it easy to find ribbons of all patterns, shapes, and colours. Searching on eBay also makes it easy to find large quantities of craft ribbon, which craft stores do not always have in stock. Before starting a project, it is important to understand the different types of ribbons to choose the right ribbon for the project.

Types of Craft Ribbons

Craft ribbons come in a wide array of fabrics, designs, colours, and prints. Understanding which types of ribbons work best with which types of crafts makes it easy to choose the best ribbon for the project or craft.

Cotton Ribbons

Cotton ribbons are one of the most common types of craft ribbon because of its versatility. Cotton ribbon is made of long strips of thin bolt fabric, made to keep its shape. It comes in a variety of widths and patterns, which are usually only printed on one side of the ribbon. The cotton goes through a stiffening process to keep the cotton from coming apart or fraying at the edges, since the edges are not finished.

Cotton ribbons are used for many projects since it has a wide variety of designs. They are great for scrapbooking or adding some flair to homemade gifts. Because of its softness and fun designs, cotton ribbons are also great for children's crafts. Cotton ribbons are also popular accents on hats and bags, but should not be added to any fabric that has to be washed. Washing cotton ribbons removes the stiffener, which results in fraying of the ribbon's edges.

Velvet Ribbons

Velvet ribbons are popular for their richness, luxuriousness, and elegance. They are made with a flock material, and usually have a silk front with a cotton back. Some types also go through a stiffening process similar to cotton ribbons. Double sided velvet ribbons are harder to find and are usually more expensive than one sided ribbons. Velvet is a very soft, shiny, material with a matte finish.

Velvet ribbons are commonly used to decorate during the holidays. Velvet is naturally water resistant, but ribbons that are stiffened should not be washed to prevent fraying. Other velvet ribbons have finished edges, making them popular for sewing and decorating clothing. Velvet bows are often added to elegant hats or dresses to add a pop of elegance and colour. Velvet ribbons are also popular for holiday home decor or gift wrapping.

Satin Ribbons

Satin ribbons are one of the lightest and most flexible types of ribbons. Satin ribbon is either cut-edge or woven. Satin is a shiny, soft, water-resistant material with a slight sheen. Some satin ribbons have designs, prints, or words printed on them. Cut-edge satin is usually finished with a stiffener and may fray if the stiffener comes off the ribbon. Woven-edge satin ribbon has a woven edge to prevent fraying from the sides of the ribbon.

Satin ribbons come in a wide variety of widths and colours, making it popular for gift wrapping, sewing, scrapbooking, or decorating. Only woven-edge satin ribbon should be used for making clothing or other crafts that need to be washed, to ensure the ribbon does not fray. However, drying the satin ribbon may cause it to shrink.

Satin Acetate Ribbons

Satin acetate ribbons are an affordable alternative to satin ribbons. Satin acetate is a satin-like material that is flexible, thin, and shiny. Unlike satin, satin acetate is not completely water resistant or washable. Most satin acetate is made with a stiffening agent to prevent fraying, much like cut-edge satin ribbons. Satin acetate ribbons come in a variety of widths and patterns, and can be printed on as well.

Although satin acetate is an inexpensive alternative to satin, it does not withstand washing as well as woven-edge satin ribbon, so it is not always the best option for sewing or adding to clothing. However, satin acetate is perfect for scrapbooking, decorating, and gift wrapping since it is both stylish and affordable.

Taffeta Ribbons

Taffeta ribbons are shiny, crisp ribbons that holds its shape to be able to make a perfect bow. Taffeta ribbons are watermarked and are usually woven with silk or rayon. Since taffeta ribbon is woven, it does not require a stiffening agent to prevent fraying. Taffeta comes in different widths and colours but usually does not have patterns or designs.

Taffeta ribbons are most commonly used when decorating or gift wrapping, since the bow holds its shape so well. Silk taffeta ribbons are also commonly used in ribbon embroidery. Specialty silk ribbon is available for sewing that is much stronger than standard silk taffeta ribbon. Because of its shine, taffeta ribbons are also popular during the holiday season.

Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is a striped, textured ribbon, with lines running lengthwise across the material. It is thick and woven, making it less likely to fray from the sides. Stripes and polka dots are the most common designs for grosgrain ribbon, but it also features other prints or words. Grosgrain ribbon also comes in bold, fun colours, making it a popular crafting ribbon among adolescents.

Grosgrain ribbon is one of the most popular ribbons for scrapbooking and sewing. Its durability makes it easy to wash with fraying, making it a popular choice for clothing, bags, or other accessories as well. Grosgrain ribbons are also popular as girl's hair bows or accent ribbons because of the wide variety of styles and colours.

Organza Ribbon

Organza ribbon is an elegant, sheer ribbon with thin wire edges. Organza ribbons come in many widths and colours. Some organza ribbons also have sparkles or shimmer. Organza ribbons is thin and delicate and comes in many sizes, but is not washable or water resistant. They are one of the most elegant and beautiful types of ribbons.

Organza is most commonly used for bridal accessories or decorations. Since it has thin wire edges, organza keeps its shape when curved or tied into a bow. It is also popular for holiday decorating and gift wrapping. Organza is also commonly used in sewing for clothing or accessories.

Storing Craft Ribbon

Craft ribbon is extremely versatile, and it works on many different types of projects. Although the ribbon may have been purchased for one project, it may also work for something else, so many people choose to store their unused ribbon. When storing ribbons, it is important to keep them out of direct sunlight. Most ribbons are not resistant to fading, and lose colour in direct sunlight. Rolling ribbons is one of the best ways to store ribbon to ensure it does not crease or lose shape. Ribbon is also stored by lying flat or hanging from hooks or hangers.

How to Purchase Craft Ribbon on eBay

After understanding the different types of craft ribbon, it is easy to find the right ribbon for any project. With the large quantities of craft ribbon on eBay, you can find the type of ribbon you need for sewing, crafting, or decorating. You can begin your search of craft ribbon with the use of keywords in the keyword search bar. If you already know the type of ribbon you are looking for, you can use a specific search term, such as 'organza ribbon'. To search through different types of ribbons, you can use a broader search term such as 'craft ribbon'.

When using craft ribbon in large quantities for weddings or decorating, eBay makes it easy to purchase the correct amount while staying within budget. eBay offers much larger quantities than other retailers, making buying in bulk simple and affordable. eBay also makes it easy to narrow results by price, material, or colour. eBay helps you find the type of ribbon you are looking for from the comfort of your own home.


Craft ribbon enhances the look of any outfit, project, or decoration. The many different types and designs of craft ribbon make it easy to add fun, elegance, or individuality to any outfit or craft. Craft ribbons are popular for scrapbooking, homemade gifts, decorating, sewing, and gift wrapping. They are also popular as fashion accessories such as hair ties or ribbons.

Craft ribbons come a variety of designs, strengths, textures, and colours. From projects to large-scale events such as birthday parties or weddings, craft ribbon can be a beneficial item to use in when decorating for an event. Since craft ribbon is so versatile, it is important to store the ribbon carefully. Keeping the ribbon in a secure storage unit can help ensure that it keeps its colour and shape. No matter the type of project or craft, with the help of eBay, buyers are able to find the perfect craft ribbon quickly and easily.

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