Crampton and Moore.

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Be vary wary of buying from Crampton and Moore Ecclesfield.

I reserved a TV set from their website online as stock was low, and wanted to collect it next morning.

They had 2 listed on Ebay and one sold, so I thought I better safeguard my new TV as Sky

were coming to fit my new HD box

When I got there it was chaos, No one had a clue where the stock was, whether it was

 in the warehouse or in the store, or what was happening, 15 minutes later, 

after a nervous phonecall to the warehouse the salesperson approached me and told me my TV was out of stock.

But i'd already done my homework, they had sold my TV that morning (half hour earlier) to someone on Ebay

for £20 more than I was paying and tried to bluff me.

He claimed reserving didn't take the Tv out of stock circulation, so why provide the service at all?

I've done it loads of times at Argos, it's great if stock is limited, but only if they actually do it!

So Sky+ HD installed and no HDTV to watch it on, thanks Crampton And Moore!!!

Shocking company with a poor business ethic, avoid and stick to professional retailers

I'll be contacting Sony to let them know how their authorised stockist does business.

Try Richer Sounds instead, better company, better staff, better prices, and they reserved my TV for 3 days until I got there.

John Lewis also offered to price match, so don't think your options are limited at the price they offer.

if you have problems trying to spend £550.00 with Crampton and Moore,  imagine the problems in the event of a fault occuring!!

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