Create an eBook Listing on eBay - Automatic Payments

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Create an eBook Listing on eBay

A step by step guide to automated eBook sales on eBay

Selling eBooks on eBay is a simple, automated process that can be employed to increase your audience and promote your ideas, books and speaking or consulting credentials.



There are a number of preliminary things that are required before you start.

You must have each of the following before you start this process.

Note – eBay will not allow me to provide links to pages other than eBay, so if you can’t find the sites mentioned please email me for a link to my free eBook on the web, with all links included.


1. A working Payloadz account.

Search for Payloadz

2. An active and verified Business or Premier PayPal account.

3. A working eBay account.

4. At least one eBook to sell, available in Adobe Acrobat Format

Search for Adobe Acrobat Reader


Preparing your Paypal account

1. Login to your Payloadz account and go to the ‘Account´ tab.

2. Write down or copy the IPN Link, it should look like this

the 3ws then Payloadz dot com then pay then / pay then index.  asp  ? then id=xxxxxx

(sorry eBay forbids me from giving you clickable links)

3. Login to your PayPal account.

4. Go to the Profile page and click on ‘Instant Payment Notification’

5. Following the on-screen instruction to activate the IPN (Instant Payment Notification)

6. When asked, paste the URL/Link from Step 2.

Your IPN is now activated and your Paypal account is enabled to use the Payloadz system.

Creating an item in

1. Make sure you are logged in to your Payloadz account.

2. Click on Create New Product to Sell, this will bring up Product Details page

3. In Item Name field, create a title for your eBook. This title will be used also as an eBay listing title so please follow these guidelines:

* The maximum length of the title is 55 Characters.

* Use words buyers would use to search for eBooks like yours (but make sure the words accurately describe your eBook).

4. Create an Item ID/Number for this item to easily identify your eBook.

5. Decide on a price for this eBook. Please note this will be the same price you’re going to use in your eBay listing.

6. You can create a Custom Thank You Text for this particular item, otherwise the default Purchase Email Text from the Profile page will be used instead.

7. You can leave the rest as is.

8. Click ‘Submit Product Information’

9. The next page is the upload page. Click Browse… to choose the file from your computer. Click Upload to upload the file

10. Repeat the steps above if you have more eBooks to create.

Now you should have a product in your Payloadz account, and you’re ready to create an eBay listing.


Create the eBay Listing

1. To begin listing on eBay click on the Sell tab at the top of any eBay page.

2. Start creating a listing by choosing the appropriate eBay category. You can find the eBook category under Business & Industry

3. Use the same title that you use in the Payloadz account. The title has to be exactly the same word for word.

4. Fill in other details as you normally would.

5. After the gallery section, you will find a section called Digital Items. Here, click on List as digital file

6. New text box will appear. Here, provide any details buyers need to determine whether they can use the item. Specify the type of file (for example, Adobe PDF) as well as any special requirements for using the item (for example, You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view this eBook).

7. Make sure you only use either Fixed Price or Store Inventory format

8. In the Delivery section, choose Provide web address for download

9. Enter the following web address:

the 3ws then Payloadz dot com then /d1 then / lookup dot asp

Please email me if you can’t work these urls out, eBay will not allow me to post direct links….

10. In the next box, you can inform your customers that they will be brought to the page above after making payment with Paypal where they can download the eBook.

11. Complete the process of listing your item by following the eBay prompts. If you need assistance try using Live Help (just click on the icon) or check out the help section.


Test your new listing

Please make sure you ask a friend or colleague to buy one of your eBooks to ensure that the automated process works properly. Also ensure that you monitor your email for questions and email addresses of the buyers.

It is good practice to email buyers within one week of delivery and invite them to join your free email newsletter. This also provides an opportunity for you to engage them and find out a little more about them.

If you need assistance with any of the websites mentioned in this eBook, please consult the website help pages. All of the websites mentioned above have extensive help sections to assist you in your endeavours.

To download this eBook for free and other great tools go to: the three ws online market experts, no spaces dot com / tools

Good luck,

Bruce Munday

Author: eBay for Dummies (Australian Edition) 2006


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