Creating Custom HTML Listing Pages PART 2

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Welcome to Part 2

2. Uploading.
Next step is to upload your html file and images folder.  (Check again for tutorials on the web for your FTP software if you’re unsure about uploading).

3. eBay.  Now that all your files are all uploaded and online hop over to eBay’s html editor. Simply paste into the editor what you copied and then click on the Preview link to see if everything is looking good.  At this point you might come accross some problems with your images. Maybe they are not showing up right? This can be one of two problems. First one is the fact that you have made a mistake in the image URL or have missed it out when you modified the image tags. Have a detailed look through the code and see if anything’s amiss.  Second is that the file is not on the web server you uploaded it to, so go back there and check again. 9 times out of 10 its one of these problems. 
If all looks good carry on with the listing process as usual.  Take time to look at you’re listing fees at the end. Hopefully you will see a reduction in the price you are being charged since you are hosting all your own Item photos!

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