Creating Professional eBay Listings

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Have you ever looked at other peoples listings and wondering how do they do that??
Or maybe thought about paying a website designer to do it for you, who will rip you off a couple hundred quid?

There is a easy way round to everything. If you are using 'Windows XP' and have 'Office' you may have noticed a program called 'Microsoft Frontpage'.
This is a great tool for doing your eBay listings you simply write your description and click the buttons to change the appearance such as making the font bigger, changing color etc.. just like how you would use 'Microsoft Word'. For example if you want a picture just drag and drop a picture into it, add tables to separate the information and simply customise any way you desire!

At first it may seem abit confusing however once you start using it like anything it does become easier! The reason this is good is because you do not need any HTML programming experience it is simply what you see is what you get.

After you have made a listing and you are satisfied with it, simply press the HTML button at the bottom of the page and copy all the HTML coding. This will look like a load of junk if you are not HTML literate however it is all the customised information you have just created, but in code.

Once you have copied all the code simply go to the description area where you normally add the description to your listings and paste it all in. Do a preview and see how it looks!

By the way, when you do preview you may notice that the pictures do not appear, the reason for this is due to the picture being located locally on your computer.

You must upload the picture onto the internet, a great site to use is ‘’ which is completely free. After you have uploaded a image you will have to relate it to your ‘Frontpage’ listing and I will explain step by step what you must do.

1.   After uploading a image on Piczo get the image location - simply right click the image and press 'View image'.
2.   At the top of the page on the address bar you will see the picture location.
3.   Copy that address
4.   Go back to Front page and click on the image you just uploaded.
5.   Now go and click the HTML button at the bottom of the page.
6.   You will see some coding, what you need to look out for is the name of your Image file e.g. 'Picture1.jpg' it is written after 'src' - It will be on the same line the typing cursor, so press the arrows on your keyboard if you can not see it at first.
7.  When you see your file name, remove everything INSIDE the quotation marks and paste the
address in.

Should look something like this:

IMG height=347 src="http://piczo .com/01.jpg" width=346 border=0 align="right"

Change that bold bit above in your listing to your image location.

And its as simple as that! Now your pictures are uploaded online, simply copy and paste all the coding again and you have a great listing and now people wont be bored viewing black and white text everywhere!

Hope this has enlightened you and gives a more professional approach resulting in increased sales!

Kind Regards

eTrade International

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